Things To Do When First Report Card Comes Home

School has been in session for a while now.  And it's about that time for students to receive their first progress reports or report cards.  Parents and students alike are wishing for the best.  But what should be done when the report card is received?  ...more

Not Being Promoted - Conversations with Charlie

Report cards came home with students the last day of school. I looked at Charlie’s and pretty much saw what I expected, A’s and 2 B’s. Charlie, however, had a totally different perspective. In case you didn’t know, my son is extremely literal.Charlie – Bad news Mommy. I didn’t get promoted, I won’t be in 4th grade!Me – Huh? What are you talking about? You are going to the 4th grade next year....more

I'm the Worst Blogger Ever

So this is a NaBloPoMo Month… and I haven’t written a single thing in just over a week….Except, you know, the 30+ solid hours I’ve spent writing report cards (that’s a rough estimate… I lost count somewhere over the weekend).  I had reservations about starting a NaBloPoMo in January, knowing that report cards would do me in…. but I thought nah, I can pull this off.Well, I’ll be back in full force tomorrow, because I’m happy to announce that as of 7:30 pm EST this evening, I finished writing my report cards!!...more

Should You Pay Your Kids for A's on Their Report Cards?

Report cards, grades, standardized testing, red green yellow, on and on and on. Our kids' performance in school is closely monitored, graded and reported back to us, the parents, in many ways throughout the school year. The question parents are then faced with is this: What will you do with that reported information? The Greener Grass Mama has been wondering about this topic, questioning whether or not it is appropriate to pay your children for grades on a report card....more
CatConverse I don't see anything wrong with it. It's just like getting a bonus at work for doing ...more

I Won't Let My Kids' Report Cards Grade Me Anymore

"I'm sorry to inform you that your child is not yet reading in first grade. We are going to put him in the remedial reading group until he makes progress." We received these devastating words at Josh's first parent-teacher conference. We were still under the false notion that we are tiger parents and that our offspring was going to be a genius. We never expected this assessment from his teacher. A part of me wanted to go back to the private kindergarten we sent him and ask for a refund. We paid all that money, and Josh can't read? Are you kidding me?...more
@PandaMomConfessions No, I'm a mediocre best. But yes, I wouldn't change it and we do ...more

Report Card

G came home from kindergarten with his first report card yesterday, and after I was done congratulating myself on raising a child who is (so far) meeting or exceeding expectations in both academic and social markers, I honed in on one particular area. Work Habits. There are many of The Doctor's traits that I hope the kids favor, but none more than this. I began to evaluate myself on the specific behaviors expected of a five year old, and I didn't like what I found....more

Report Card Comments

Kiddo's 1st official report card from Kindergarten arrive a few weeks ago. He did just fine, as we expected. In Kindergarten all you get are either E for Exceeds expectations/standards, S for meeting standards/expectations or N for not progressing towards standards/expectations. Kiddo scored all S's!...more

My First Report Card

Well, my kid’s first report card, that is. I slept terribly the night before. I was a complete wreck! And he is only four years old. How will I make it to age 18?  The burning question for me is: what am I supposed to do with a progress report for a four year old?  ...more

Confessions of an Insomniac: Fast food gets a low grade

Will schools do anything to make a fast buck? Can the fast food industry sink any lower in advertising? McDonald’s has given me reason # 11 to never eat fast food again. Apparently, McDonald’s is trying to reach customers before they are even old enough to make educated decisions. Read the rest of this entry >> ...more