Hey, Mom, what's for lunch?

When I was able to eat hot lunches at school, there were limited options. We ate the food that the kindly nuns made for us. Actually, I am pretty sure the nuns didn’t cook, but it was Catholic school, so you never know.The point is, we didn’t have options.But some schools do give children a choice in what they select for meals, which fascinates me. I can see the boys and girls lining up in the cafeteria, deciding between roast beef or spaghetti. Between carrots or tater tots. (I know that my son would choose the tater tots.)...more

Make money as a writer? Heck ya!

The very minute I could read I felt empowered.(It's one of those moments in time you can never forget. Today, I feel like getting it down because you just never know when it will be too late.)So, I was sitting on my knees, in a dimly lit early '80s living room, couch behind, book spread out in front of me on our coffee table. There was a friend beside, and I'm not sure if it was Christy or someone else, but she pointed to the swirly things on the page and they connected for me.The E sounded one way, then another. The S's were pretty and made sense....more

Right On, Kermie!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWE3uF9u9-g As a former television news producer, this clip of Kermit the Frog, reporter, never fails to crack me up. In it, he is at the scene of breaking news - an ongoing, live accident scene....more

Never Underestimate the Power of a Good Sportswriter

I find it curious that mainstream media can find time to complain that bloggers are ruining news when some newspapers can't even accurately report the score of the SUPER BOWL. The Virginian-Pilot newspaper actually printed "Colts 31, Saints 17". Whoops. ...more

Canadian journalist kidnapped in Somalia to be killed tomorrow - according to kidnappers

  This photo, found on Flickr, is tagged with the name "Amanda Lindhout" and "Canadian journalist". It was taken in Kandahar, where Lindhout previously worked.   ...more

Is Desk Rage An Actual Trend or Just a Contrived Story During The Dog Days Of Summer?

Earlier this week, Ellen Wulfhorst, writing for Reuters reported on a supposed new trend  threatening the workplace. It's called Desk Rage. ...more

As a human resource professional, I can definitely assure you desk rage is not new.  In my ...more

Anthropological Reflection of Ourselves

I have re-written my first post six times with six different topics. Ideas and possibilities are streaming in and out of my head. My keyboard is dying, the mouse is in revolt and I have a new camcorder with a record button that needs to be pressed. What am I writing about again? The small quiet inner voice says “Aw hush up and tell them a story.” Once upon a time there was a 1952 comedy/mystery television show called Mr. and Mrs. North. They were the crime fighting team of the upper class set. ...more

There are often times when I consider and mourn the herstory lost through blind ignorance. May ...more