Stuffing Your Feelings in a Box

We all know it's a bad idea to stuff your feelings, especially if you then pile food or alcohol on top of them.The thing is, sometimes you need to suppress a feeling, for just a little while, in order to get through a difficult situation. When that happens, I put my feelings in a box.Here's an example. My father was dying, and had only days to live. We all knew it. My mother, who didn't drive, asked me to take her shopping for something to wear at his funeral. "Do you mind if I don't wear black?" she asked. "If you don't mind that I do," I replied....more

Peel back layers.

Maybe, it is because I chose to write it all down.  Maybe, it is just where I am in life.  Perhaps, it is because I can.  Whatever the underlying reason is I have struggled this winter with all of it.  ...more