Where Common Ground Gets Shaky

First, please read for yourself Rachel Laser's "Conceiving Common Ground" over at the website RHRealityCheck (btw, if you don't already have RHRC on your bookmarked blog list, do it now; they provide exellent information and provocative ...more

This Is What Winning an Election Does

Madam Chair, I am honored to be here today to express the renewed and deep commitment of the United States Government to the goals and aspirations of the ICPD Program of Action. President Obama, Secretary of State Clinton, and Ambassador Rice as well as the United States Congress, have already acted strongly to support women’s and young people’s health, human rights, and empowerment; global partnership; and the wider development agenda embraced by the Program of Action. ...more

Send a T-Shirt to Bristol Palin

Choice Matters Applauds Bristol Palin Bristol Palin has declared she doesn’t believe in abstinence-only education because it’s “not realistic at all.” The temptation is to be glib, to say “duh! You think after getting pregnant and having the baby, while a teenager in high school…” but that would be an easy shot and a meaningless one. ...more

Toxic Toys - No Concern to Canada

As a SAHM, I pride myself on giving my kids the safest, most secure environment possible. That is why I was so disheartened today after reading a newsapaer article on toxic plastic toy softeners that are still on the market in Canada. Despite a decade-old ban in North America, Health Canada tests found that three quarters of soft plastic toys and items for young children for sale in Canada contained toxic chemical additives known to cause reproductive harm in children (Sara Schmidt, Canwest News Services). The chemical is called phthalate which is used to soften plastic toys. ...more

Health Canada's taken the lead on bisphenol-A, so why isn't it following suit on phthalates?  ...more


Repairing the Damage, Before Roe by Waldo Fielding M.D. in today's New York Times is a must read and must share. Fielding is 80; his generation of doctors knows the real stories about the injustices of illegal abortion. An excerpt: ...more

Eggs, Ovaries and Finding the Sunny Side

Quick - point to your ovaries. Lower. No, lower. I promise. If you're going pointing where you think they are based on the pretty pictures you see in medical books, you're wrong. How do i know? I just spent an afternoon with a magic wand (not the fun kind, this one had a flashlight at the tip and was an ultrasound machine) in my twat looking at cysts. It was fun. ...more