The Obvious Child: New Rom-Com Talks About Abortion

The other night I finally had the chance to catch Obvious Child, the new film starring Jenny Slate. It's been a while since I've seen a movie in the theater, but I wanted to make sure I saw this one on the big screen—not for aesthetic reasons but for political ones. I want my money to register as part of its box office take....more
No. What the author fails to understand is that it's not the topic of abortion that is the ...more

Why It's More Important Than Ever to Defend Reproductive Rights

In a move that surprised almost no one, the Supreme Court decided Monday that Hobby Lobby, a corporate entity, can somehow claim that paying for contraception for its employees violates its (the corporation's) religious sensibilities. This comes on top of last week's Supreme Court decision to strike down the Massachusetts law that kept abortion protesters a decent distance from patients entering and leaving abortion clinics....more
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Of Oil and Water and The Deep Unknowing

As I walked the dog yesterday, following a particularly ill-advised exchange on Facebook regarding a vitriolic "anti-vaxxers" blog post, I struggled to tease out the strings of what bothers me so much about these kinds of interactions.  The same gut-burning, chest-tightening, jaw-clenching feelings came over me yesterday that do when I encounter anti-choice protestors or read stories about the Westboro Baptist Church and their hateful acts against homosexuals. It seemed to me that there was some wisdom in my body that wasn't making it through to my brain. ...more

Texas Has Outdone Itself

I wonder if the government of the state of Texas is prepared to pay a whole hell of a lot of money in a civil suit. I suspect so, given their seemingly intractable belief that women do not own their own bodies when it comes to reproduction, but then I can't even begin to understand what they're thinking now. We might as well be talking to aliens from Mars. ...more

Are we there yet?

 Damn, that’s a lot of stairs....more

Necessary Sins and Reproductive Destiny

All aspects of "civilized life" continued even in the ever-present terror of captivity by bayonet and constant surveillance. For the women and the men, both married and un-married, other aspects of life continued, the private ones where love and desire found purchase in the quiet, unbayonetted spaces of the night. Of course people made love in the prison camp. It was solace. It was peace and comfort as well as hope that the human heart could transcend the nightmare of war. ...more
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Rush Limbaugh Calls Contraception Coverage Supporters Sluts and Prostitutes

Initially, it is unclear whether Limbaugh repeatedly cites this fraudulent article as a means to justify his dishonest tirade or if he truly failed to do the appropriate research regarding Fluke's remarks, but as his show continues and Limbaugh plays more clips from Sandra Fluke's congressional hearing, it becomes evident that he is picking and choosing what he wants his listeners to hear, in order to corroborate the allegation he made in a previous show that Fluke is nothing but a slut who wants everyone else to pay for her birth control. ...more
He really screwed up this time.  Maybe now people will realize what a pompus ass he is. Just ...more

Discussing Abortion During Polite Dinner Conversation

By Sarah Flint Erdreich, cross-posted from On The Issues Magazine and originally from Feminists for Choice....more

President Obama's Decision Fear-Based, Disappointing

@Graylin Whitts Are there similar barriers in place for men and boys? Do we keep condoms locked ...more

Why are women's lives not worth protecting?

I am angry.You can include pissed off, annoyed and frustrated in that list s well.If you are a woman who values the ability to make your own medical and reproductive decisions and to have access to safe medical and reproductive care -  you should be too. If you are a man who supports women to have this ability, join in....more