Who Needs a Dog? Get a Pet Dragon Instead!

A bearded dragon that is, and well truth is we have three dogs, but I digress. A year ago my parents decided to stop keeping fish in their 100 gallon fish tank and the lugged the dang thing to my house where it fits perfectly in my hallway. I didn’t want to fill it up with fish though; been there done that and was never very successful. We decided to make it a terrarium, and get a reptile. My kids' hearts were set on a chameleon, because who wouldn’t want a crazy reptile that changes color....more
I have always been fearful of iguanas since I know they can get really large (our reptile store ...more

Sneaky Goannas

  Crawling through the grassWith the sun upon my scales ...more

Cursed with Parsel Ped

Yes, like parseltongue (from Mr. H. Potter). My oldest and I seem to be gifted with parsel ped. Infliction or gift of the foot, otherwise known as the ability to tread so lightly that you almost step on snakes (and sometimes lizards) during the heat of snake season. Which is definitely upon us now....more

Salamander Tales (and heads too!)

Last Tuesday, Hubby was in Charlotte working for the day. The fur kids and I were at home doing some housework, when Declan got an inkling to go out back. I put my dust cloth down and headed to the door (our back door is in our dining room). I was about to slide the door open when I spotted something out of the corner of my eye...THIS guy was sunning himself down in the track to the door! ...more