Generational Economics

When Candidate Obama campaigned for the presidency in 2008, he made a special appeal to my generation. He outlined a positive and exciting vision for America, one paved with hope and change for a bright future. At that time, his message and charisma seemed to be like the kind of change we needed to make in the White House. He said all the right things and made people feel warm on the inside. Andon no issue could this be truer than the national debt....more

Can Romney's Convention Bounce Last Until November?

The Republican National Convention in Tampa "bounced" Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney six points in the polls leading President Obama heading into next week's Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.Though convention bounces tend to subside especially quickly when the opposition follows with its own convention, running so close to an incumbent signifies a weakened current administration in the minds of Americans....more
One other version of the polls: ...more

FLEISCHER: Romney Holds Foreign Policy Edge

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's wildly-popular speech Wednesday night posed the question "Where does America stand?" at the Republican National Convention in Tampa kicking the foreign policy debate into high gear among Republicans....more
Romney has already acted like a horse's ass abroad, and his blind support for Israel doesn't win ...more

Red, White, and Blue: Patriotic Style at the RNC

Political conventions are about a lot of things: speeches, parties, and, yes, even style. So I went on a mission to find the best in patriotic style at the 2012 Republican Convention. Which one is your favorite? ...more

Street Style: RNC Day 3: The Day That Condi Built

Day 3 at the Republican Convention was all about comebacks -– from the rain to former Secretary of State (and perhaps the most stylish Republican woman ever) Condoleezza Rice. However, style didn’t need a comeback, because its been present since day 1. ...more

RNC Day 3: Taking Care of Business

With vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice set to speak to the convention in the evening, day 3 at the Republican National Convention was all about taking care of business. ...more
That cheese hat is the coup de grâce -- Republicans couldn't muster up a sense of style if their ...more

Ryan Rouses GOP Crowd But Condi Takes the Cake

Tonight at the Republican National Convention, Ryan did what he was supposed to do: deliver a rousing speech that spoke to the party's core values of fiscal restraint, job recovery and a leadership that would not fail in the face of the troubling economic issues that have hampered American's optimism and sense of destiny. Image: © Harry E. Walker/MCT/
I am not a fan of Professor Rice nor of what I heard of her speech. I love the Condi-Hillary ...more

Single Republican Women a Growing Voting Block?

Virginia Republican National Convention delegate Erin Smith of Single Women for Romney hopes to edge out the Democrats' competition for single women's votes by carving out a place for herself, and others like her, in the party. She believes if she can't, the GOP will suffer losing ground with the fastest growing segment of the voting population....more
Being able to make my own choices about my reproductive health is definitely part of my ...more

The Shadow of Debt Looms Large at the RNC. Will Ryan Speak to It Tonight?

There are lots of signs and banners and party flair at the Republican National Convention in Tampa this week. But inside the Forum, there are two signs that loom largest -- and these signs are not the supportive, rah-rah homemade-poster kind....more
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RNC Day 2: The Sun Comes Out, and So Does the Style

Day 2 of the Republican National Convention brought the sun (and crazy, crazy humidity) to Tampa. While the color blue dominated fashion yesterday (maybe the rain gave everyone the blues?), today was all about bright, fabulous colors like kelly green, orange, and, yes, red. ...more