GOP Primaries: It's Romney, But It's Not Over (But It Should Be)

I'm out. I'm just all out. I can read more, talk more, opine more. But really -- how much more is there to actually say, that hasn't already been said, about the Republican candidates remaining in the primary battle to be the party's nominee for the 2012 general election?...more

2012 Republican Primary: What Comes After the Etch A Sketch?

Can you all please stop playing with your Etch-A-Sketch for just a few minutes and let's take a look at what's happened in literally the last 48 hours since the Illinois Republican primary and what's coming in the next 48 hours?...more
These are all great comments - the only one I'd modify is about Clinton and Obama - it ended in ...more

Ohio's Women, Independents in Super Tuesday Crosshairs

I'm a Leo -- I should love all this attention being lavished on Ohio because of its Super Tuesday swing state status. Where to begin?...more
I voted for Obama yesterday instead of crossing over to the Republican race. I also think women ...more

(Live-Blog Event) Republican Primary Debate in New Hampshire

To some, this season is the end of school, start of summer season. But to me? It's the start of live-blogging season as CNN hosts tonight's Republican presidential primary debate. ...more

Florida Dems buck national leaders

The letter on the Florida Democratic Party Web site says it all. Signed by Congresswoman Karen L. Thurman, Chairwoman of FDP, the letter makes it clear Florida Democratic leaders are committed to the push ahead January 29 date for the Primary. Read more at Covering Florida. ...more