Gawker's Total FAIL with Christine O'Donnell

In the most repulsive news yet in one of the dirtiest election cycles in modern history, Gawker tried to shock! America with an anonymous “expose” on a sex-less sexcapade involving Delaware candidate for Senator Christine O’Donnell. ...more

I understand the call on hypocrisy but sexual acts (or non-acts) are private and should not be ...more

Shocking Violence: MoveOn Activist Thrown to the Ground, Head-Stomped at Rand Paul Event

"Offended and outraged." That was the reaction of MoveOn’s Ilyse Hogue to Rand Paul campaign worker Tim Profitt -- who suggested that Lauren Valle should apologize for being thrown to the ground and having her head stomped by his fellow supporters. ...more

drop the "call to arms" frame. And they need to denounce those who would blame the victim.more

Race to Watch: Minnesota's Michele Bachmann Debates Tarryl Clark

The Minnesota Sixth District, a sprawling, irregularly shaped district comprising of numerous suburbs and smaller cities in central Minnesota, has had a fair share of media attention ever since Republican Representative Michele Bachmann first won her congressional seat in 2006. ...more

Thank you for such a detailed account of the race and the debate. Although the polls show ...more

On Glenn Beck: The Constitution Guarantees His Right to Assemble and Speak

With his staff’s monumental assistance, Glenn Beck has done an enormous amount of research. On modern day Americans and our antecedents. On different leaders in history, their policies and politics. He talks of honor. Of faith. ...more

I wish I understood more about the law and how it works. It's easy to see how the Constitution ...more

Men in Skirts?

About two weeks ago, following June 8 primary night, the big meme in political media was “The Year of the (Republican) Woman.”  Primary victories by the likes of Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina in California, and a strong performance by Nikki Haley in South Carolina, followed on the back of victory the week prior by Susana Martinez in New Mexico.  ...more
What is the problem ? The men in pants, Haven't done so well governing this country or any ...more

Don't Get Mad, Get Elected: Young, Rich and Republican Women Running for Office in 2010

While Palin, a controversial figure in her own party, has inspired some, the new class of conservative female candidates has largely been motivated by the economy and fervent opposition to the Obama administration's agenda. ...more

The times, they are a ....


The Average American Will Have to Work 137 Days This Year to Pay Their Share of Federal Spending

On April 15th, better known as ‘Tax Day,’ the American people reflect on the size of their tax burden and whether or not they’re receiving good value for their tax dollars.  This year, with the federal budget at $3.8 trillion, the budget deficit at $1.3 trillion, and with a host of new taxes taking effect on account of the health care bill, we have more reason than ever to be concerned about the impact that tax and spending policies are having on our economy and our freedom.  Today’s protest rallies in Eastern Washington and across America show growing frustration with President Obama and the Majority in Congress, and I share that frustration....more

So where was your tax outrage in the last decade when we undertook wars on 2 fronts ...more

House Passes Historic Health Care Reform Legislation

The House of Representatives has approved President Barack Obama's top domestic policy initiative, sending a bill overhauling the United State's health insurance system to the President's desk. ...more



There is backlash galore in the looneytunes house and town but ...more

Choosing Life for the American People

When someone gets loud and defensive, you know you've got them. The pro-choice community has been pretty deafening lately. Partial credit is due to Democrat Rep. Bart Stupak, who made abortion a defining issue in the health care debate. ...more