Hello From a GOP Chick

Hi BlogHer ladies! I wanted to write and introduce myself. My name is Ericka Andersen, Director of Online Media Outreach for the House Republican Conference in Washington, DC. House Republicans are excited to be a part of the blogosphere as we move along toward the November elections and beyond to 2012....more

Hi Ericka!  I am new to BlogHer and am already impressed by the people that hang out ...more

Was Sarah Palin's Newsweek Cover Sexist Or Has "Going Rogue" Gone Wrong?

Sarah Palin is in a tizzy (again) over her Newsweek cover photo calling it “out of context” and “sexist”.   ...more

The Lessons of NY23 (and NJ and VA)

I've been following these races for quite some time and was glued to the television and Internet as the results came in. A big message was sent to three different entities on election night, a message to:...more

Scozzafava Quits Race; Conservatives Send Message to GOP

 Dede Scozzafava, the ACORN-backed, WFP-supported Republican nominee to Re. McHugh in New York's 23rd District, suspended her campaign today amid high negative numbers and lagging support....more

So much for Tea Party / Loesch influence, eh? The voters went the OPPOSITE direction ...more

How Can You Claim Conservatism Yet Accept Stimulus Money?

There's a storm a'brewin' in Missouri's capitol. The other day I was sent this headline: Americans United for Life Applauds Missouri's Move to Use Stimulus Funds to Help Pregnancy Care Centers ...more

Wow! Lizzi, I am still reeling over your post. 

 I mean really ... who in their ...more

David Axelrod, Father of Astroturfing, Sells His Famous Firm

David Axelrod, the father of astroturfing, condemned the nationwide Tea Party protests as "dangers" and called them "astroturfing." You'd think it take one to know one. Ruh-roh Elroy! ...more

The Political Playground

Earlier this week a Townhall columnist wrote: ...more

I've enjoyed your posts and the debates that they spark, but they are starting to sound all the ...more

Laura Ingraham Calls Meghan McCain Fat, Those Who Did the Same to Limbaugh Cry "Foul!"

Liberals are enjoying this inter-party cat fight just as much as conservatives enjoyed the Jon Stewart-Jim Cramer cannibalization. Meghan McCain has spent the better part of the past two weeks promoting her column at The Daily Beast and jockeying for the role as GOP Jesus. She personally attacked Ann Coulter as a way to grab the headlines and pull herself up to some aspect of fledgling relevancy and then feigned shock when Laura Ingraham, conservative talk show host with Fox Radio (whose show airs after my stint in the a.m.) attacked back. ...more

... this whole thing would stop. And to suggest that talking about people's weight is a ...more

Dear World: Rush Limbaugh is NOT Head of the GOP or Conservatism

The Republican Committee may have elected Michael Steele as its new chair, but you can't tell if you've paid any attention at all to the headlines. This isn't due to the left's incessant attempts to portray Rush Limbaugh as the real head of the party - more on this in a bit; rather, it's due to a continuous power vacuum and Steele's hesitance to embrace conservative ideology for fear of sacrificing his "big tent" pseudo-popularity. ...more

Dana, you said you would respond to the alleged hate speech if someone could offer you ...more

John McCain Starts a PAC, is Not My Friend

John McCain is like the Ike Turner of the Republican Party. He smacks us around then he comes back with a fistful of compliments, a bouquet of promises, a "John loves you baby." ...more