What conservatives fear most in the first 100 days

I have my own personal concerns about this topic, many of which match those of others, but I wanted to let some of these conservative bloggers and Twitterers speak out for themselves.  ...more

Conservatives gaining ground on Twitter

Before the election, Twitter was a liberal's paradise. I updated with conservative commentary when provoked - or I updated live while on air - only to be drowned out by a pretty antagonistic chorus. Conservative friends who had not yet left the closet would DM me: "OMG you are so taking heat for that one, doesn't it bother you?" It never did, as I have a predilection for swatting hornets' nests; however, it did feel incredibly lonely. Out-and-proud conservatives were few and far between and unconnected for the most part. ...more

I agree, we became complacent!  Now it's time to prove that we can be gracious in defeat, ...more

Is a Bi-Partisan Cabinet Emerging - and Can It Help Us Heal?

Depends on who you ask. I've heard from more Democrats than I can count that Barack Obama's numerous appointments of centrist Clinton remnants have them feeling baited and switched; I've heard from multitudes of conservatives who feel disenfranchised that the only Republican in the promised bi-partisan is hold-ever Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates - who is neither a yardstick for Republicans or guaranteed to keep his job for the first year. (It has been said that Chuck Hagel is in the running for an appointment as well.) ...more

For Immediate Release Dirt: An American Campaign on Virtual Book Tour Book December '08

Join political thriller author Mark LaFlamme on his first virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book Promotion Public Relations as he travels the blogosphere in December to talk about his latest release, “Dirt: An American Campaign”.   ...more

Beyond the Palin

There's a low rumble coming from the belly of the Republican party. The promoted stereotype of conservative women is that they only come in one model. Were I to write an advertisement the commonly regarded cliche, it would read something like this: ...more

This is a great list of women to watch in the GOP. Conservatism is neither dead nor ...more

How to Regroup the Right?

The next two months will decide the fate of the conservative movement, and also, the Republican party, which is currently suffering from a personality disorder. If I had to give an answer right now as to whether or not I think the conservative ascension to its former prominence is a guarantee, I must honestly answer: I don't know. If I had to make a guesstimate based upon the past several weeks, I'd lean towards no. It's a reason why I'm careful in separating the titles "conservative movement" and Republican party: they are not the same. ...more

@Kate - Barf. Don't use Pat Robertson or Fred Phelps as spokesmen for Christianity. It's akin ...more

The conservative female scapegoat

By the time dusk fell on the evening of November 4th, the GOP party looked at their Reaganite ideal of a "shining city on a hill" now dust under their feet. History was made, in more ways than one. ...more

Anything besides Fox and Rush? Just wondering. Could you define how it is "elite" ...more

Voting Day

I just got home from voting... spent 5 very long hours in line! I got there at 9:30am and voted 5 hours later when the line only had a 45 minute wait- and people were complaining! turns out my district is the 2nd largest district in the City of Norfolk and they only had 7 booths! Then one went down, then and only then did they bring in 2 more booths! To the Elected President: you owe all of the 2nd largest District foot and body massages!!!! ...more

North Carolina Students Not Allowed to Vote

Even with voter registration cards in hand students are not being allowed to vote ...more

Republican Votes Obama

This will be an historic election. Either a black man will be president of the United States, or a woman will be vice president. And I may have voted for Barack Obama. Yes, me, a registered Republican and supporter of McCain since before I was old enough to vote. Once a card carrying Republican who knew every local politician personally and the policies of every lawmaker that might impact my life, my views have changed. ...more

We have kids too and one is a teen. And he does things I don't like, and don't agree with. I ...more