Where Has His Integrity Gone? The Third Presidential Debate

Tell me. Where is the real John McCain? I found this by far McCain's most disturbing performance in a debate. It was like he drank a potion that changed him from McCain to McNasty. Another chance to talk substance, and instead he spent most of his time either attempting to terraform Obama's plans to suit his own needs or else engaging in character assassination. When McCain won the Republican nomination, I never thought his campaign would look like this. The man I respected has disappeared. ...more

Conservative Women have a tech toy?

We were looking for some inexpensive cameras to do some promotional videos and came across a "flip mini" camera splattered with a pink GOP logo. Tech toys for conservative chicks?! Pic after the break... ...more

Welcoming a conservative into the BlogHer fold

I’ve spent the past couple of years “coming out,” as it were, politically. I began blogging in 2001, anonymously, on politics and music for a group website I’d founded (and dismantled when I started Mamalogues). Here I am again, but this time I’m using my name. ...more

I probably have you all beat at jumping ships.  I've done it twice now.  I started as ...more

Sarah Palin Look Alike?

It seems everywhere I go these days; at least one person says I look like Sarah  Palin.  “It’s your eyes.  Your smile.  Your bone structure,” they say.  Personally, I don’t see it at all.  But I’ve had complete strangers walk up to me on the street or in the airport to ask me if anyone’s told me I look like Sarah ...more

Sarah Palin vs. Hilary Clinton - Don't They Both Have Vaginas?

Okay Ladies, I am officially confused.  To start off, I must explain that I am neither Republican nor Democrat.  Truth be known, I am not pleased with either presidential candidate at the moment.  The VP nominations have not helped. ...more

I agree with several of the other ladies who left comments.  This is not about being a woman, ...more

Under Sarah's Spell

Are there any Republicans out there who aren’t buying the Sarah Palin package?  If I concede that her personal life and choices are none of mine or anybody else’s business, if I admit to her detractors' ignorance and arrogance in firing personal shots against her family and her values and if I even confess that there is some morning after regret that the Democratic party did not choose Hillary when they had the chance, nor did the nominee choose her as ...more

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Palin Shmalin

I just basically responded to a friend's blog post about this, but I think it can stand alone. I'm not looking to debate this--think and vote how you want, it's your right. I'm just blowing off steam. ...more

On the Count of Three We All Stop Fighting Over Politics

I posted this message on my blog today, and I thought some (or many) of the women at Blogher might relate: ...more

Loving mother or appalling ambition?

Bristol's pregnancy isn't the appalling part of this situation; she isn't the first young girl to have made a poor choice and been "caught" and she certainly won't be the last. What I so find appalling is her mother's behavior. ...more