Our Accidental Profession


DIY: Kitchen Island edition

Two Broke WivesOur “new” kitchen island is officially done! The storage is so nice, but what I enjoy even more is that Kevin and I have somewhere to eat besides in front of the TV (don’t get me wrong a good meal and some quality TV is quite enjoyable, but it’s nice to be able to have nights to eat and actually talk!)...more


I can't believe that I forgot about this project! Especially since I look at it EVERY DAY! This was a super easy "redo" that adds a little "unexpected" to my new home. I knew I wanted to find a small piece of furniture for my the half bath in our new home we were building. So, I bought this little table from a girlfriend who sold her house and was moving away. Perfect size, height, etc. YAY! I wanted to give it a pop of color, though...Hello, Turquoise! See the process below. ...more

An Old School Desk is Given a Fresh Look With a Hand Painted Touch

I think my designer eye is rubbing off on my husband because he recently waltzed into our house very proud of himself that he and my son Holden found a old school desk with a “free” sign on someone’s lawn.  I must say I was pretty impressed, the desk was perfect for Holden’s room.  It was time to get creative!...more