Managing Your Online Reputation

Managing your online reputation is a very important part of marketing your business.  People will call your company to get information on pricing, dates of availability, colors, sizes etc. and then they will search the Internet for reviews. ...more

Raw Trumps "Corporate" Online

 Hi there!I just got done consulting with an online business owner who is really going places. :D...more

Online Reputation Management for Sex Bloggers

I chose to live a transparent life, to come "out" as a sex blogger because I believe being out is a safer place to be than being in the closet. Make no mistake, I'm no altruist; I do what I do because doing it makes my situation better than not doing it. The reason I am so strongly supportive of other people choosing to live an open life is solely because coming out of the closet is a vaccine against blackmail, emotional abuse, and shame. ...more
I am already totally bumming on this front.  At one point at least, due to a perfect storm of ...more

4 Easy Steps to Control Your Facebook Privacy

Have you been worried about how many people can see your New Year's Eve party pictures from last year that your friends thoughtfully posted and tagged?  You know, the that shows you with a drink in your hand, dress cut low for the occasion, and with dark red lipstick where you're giving the photographer the finger - all in good fun?...more

Talking to Tiger: Advice for Getting Out of the Media Sandtrap of the Year

Tiger Woods has had a fairly bad week, starting with his attention-grabbing car accident last Friday. Since then, kiss-and-tell stories have flourished and skeletons are tumbling out of his crammed closets -- so many that a Hoarding intervention may be warranted. The damage to his marriage is hard to estimate, though his wife is reported to be receiving a lump sum payment and better terms in a renegotiated nuptial agreement as compensation and economic incentive to stand by her man. ...more

That's an EXCELLENT and VERY INTERESTING point, Devra.

I still land on the side of Free ...more