How to Manage an Event Crisis through Social Media

I previously attended a very high profile event with star bloggers and social media marketers. Sadly things did not go as planned – there was not enough food, not enough product samples. It was disorganized and dissatisfied bloggers and press left early. In less than 24 hours the guests displeasure was splashed all over the Internet. The brand was slammed by the very people who were invited to promote it. The company chose not to respond to the crisis and remained silent....more

What to Do When Your Online Reputation is Attacked

I am thankful almost daily that the social media of today didn't exist when I was in college or at the start of my career. I could see immaturity trumping judgment in a moment of anger or weakness and whoosh - there goes the status update you can never take back. Here's what you need to do if your online reputation has been attacked. ...more

Her Perfect Media Storm: Exclusive Interview with Jennifer Rowan

 I think it's safe to say that you never, ever want to experience the personal assault ofhaving your name dragged through the mud,being called "Hitler" in the national media, andreceiving death threats by every possible method...All over a simple misunderstanding that was only fact-checked by one out of a landslide of prominent journalists and bloggers.Today's interview explores...more

It's a Wonderful Life Online

 I've started looking at performing artists and how we can learn from them about connecting with people online.Movie actors and musicians in recording studios have to emotionally connect through crazy obstacles like:...more

Drafting Your Company’s Social Media Policy

Web Success Team contributor Justin Delos Reyes discuss the importance of drafting a social media policy for your company. ...more

#eMSF Conference Re-cap: Day 1

Day 1 of eMarketing Association’s “The Power of eMarketing” conference in San Francisco is in the books! There was a great turn out yesterday and we learned a lot of new things. We also met some awesome people and made new Twitter friends. Tina Stewart, SVP of Marketing at LYRIS kicked things off with a very informative keynote presentation....more

Annual E-Footprint Freakout

I use the web to date. Not dating sites, but the information people make available on the social networks I use. A stream of seemingly meaningless updates can tell me more about a person than a carefully curated dating site profile or first date conversation ever could. ...more

The first thing to come up on Google for me is my Ham Radio license and then my Twitter account. ...more

Is the Way You Use Social Media Hurting Your Career?

Every time I read an article like the recent "How social media can hurt your career" on Careerbuilder, I am grateful that we didn't have social media back when I was in college. Young, testing the waters, and with a lot of opinions to share, I wonder if I would have unknowingly committed a faux pas in the weakness of a heated moment that would have hurt me professionally? ...more

My facebook page in particular is a private page that only my friends can see, I can't ...more