10 Reasons Everyone Should Shop Resale

There are many great resale stores throughout the world and many provide tips on how to consign and why you should consider shopping resale. Below are 10 reasons you should shop resale from Previously Adored, they are located in Alberta, Canada and like Little Green Beans in Austin, Texas they specialize in childrenswear....more

Vintage Women's Clothing Basics

Whether you are a frugal person trying to get a great deal or you are a celebrity trying to find something unique, vintage clothing has become increasingly popular. For many women, wearing vintage is all about the hunt to find that perfect piece. What exactly qualifies clothing as being "vintage" rather than "antique" or "contemporary"? Generally the term is used to described any clothing made from the 1920's through the 1970's.  Linda S....more

Bargain Shopping...What a Thrill!

Why do I get that overwhelming urge to visit my favorite discount clothier, TJ Maxx, or my fave resale shop, Clothes Mentor? I’ve literally had to fight myself, in my mind of course, not to go shopping for the last couple of months. But why is that fight so hard? Why do I NEED to go shopping? I have tons of nice clothes, shoes, and accessories right now. Well, maybe it’s not a need, but more of a challenge. I love getting a great deal. It’s such a rush to find that high quality, super expensive item for mere pennies on the dollar....more

I'm loving the $2 tanks we bought today. A couple for me, a couple for TW, a couple for RJ, a ...more

CPSIA Impact on Small Business, Thrift Stores, and the Environment

I am writing about something I learned today. It is the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. While I appreciate the intentions of safeguarding children I do not feel this has been thought out before being put into effect. Like so many other laws it was written too broadly and pushed through before considering all the consequences. Instead of targeting the manufacturers and distributors of new products who were selling toys containing lead, it is also targeting small businesses, thrift stores, and consignment stores. ...more