Hello Foxy Lady

As anyone who sees my stuff on Facebook knows, Stitch told Spock what happens to animals left “too” long at the animal shelter and Spock lost her tiny mind with sadness. For days I was bombarded with WHY .. WHY do they have to put the animals to sleep? WHY don’t they build more shelters? WHY isn’t there more money for shelters? WHY is the world unfair? WHY? WHY? WHY? All of the questions were asked while she looked at me with her huge eyes the color of strongly brewed tea while tears streamed down her little face and her perfect little cupid-bow lips trembled. ...more

Dec 30 - Dead Cat Hiding...


Remembering the Search Dogs of 9/11

As an homage to the search and rescue dogs of 9/11, Explore.org and Dog Bless You will be releasing a short film profiling Abby, the last remaining Search Disaster Foundation (SDF) dog who served at Ground Zero . ...more
I LOVE dogs, and so this touches my heart very deeply. I still stick by the words that "a dog is ...more