Nov 18 - Semantics

Refusing to Vaccinate Leads to Outbreaks

August is National Immunization Awareness Month. I get it. The decision to vaccinate yourself or your child is a contentious subject. Stacy Morrison's post at the beginning of the month (or more specifically the comments it generated) proved that point. This conversation is important and the facts are important - even if it isn't (in some circles) popular. The comments section got very heated, and I think Stacy did a fantastic job of staying above the fray without backing down on her stance. ...more
Hi Jordan - thank you for sharing! I'm sorry that your daughter had a bad reaction to vaccines. ...more

Preparing to Go to the Movies

When a new movie comes out, do you prepare to attend it or just head on out to the theater and hope for the best? I used to be carefree about my movie attendance but once I had kids I needed to be sure I was making informed decisions. So, here are five websites to visit before you head out to the movies...with or without kids!...more

Research Subjects

Blog Post  11/26/2012 I need to start a club.  An “Adult Children of Prolific Gay Men” club.  We’ll be known as the ACOPGM – okay, maybe scratch the word “Prolific.”  ACOGM.  Okay, maybe scratch the word “Men” – too sexist.  ACOG.  Adult Children of Gays.  Hmm…maybe let’s include kids, scratch the word “Adult.”  We’re just “COGs.” ...more

Top 10 Gifts for Teachers

At the end of the year, many parents and students wish to give teachers a token of their thanks, but they're not sure what's appropriate. The best advice I have is: know thy teacher. So, for example, if you're not certain the teacher drinks alcohol, don't offer a bottle of wine, and don't give gift certificates to a big, corporate bookstore like Borders or Barnes & Noble to someone who was petitioning the city council not to allow any more big box stores into your town because they drive out local businesses. If you're planning to bake something for your teacher, it's also important to know if your school or school district allows teachers to accept and eat home baked gifts. ...more
Loved the New Yorker cartoon idea and the personalized stationery!  I usually wait until the ...more

Social sciences research is not restricted to the american universities !

Since the 80s , the best French social scientists, in sociology (Pierre Bourdieu), in philosophy (Michel Foucault, Gilles Deleuze, Jacques Derrida), ..., are paradoxically best known, read, commented and criticized in the United States.It is often said that social sciences research is not doing very well on the old continent. In France, in 2003, a report by Pierre Beauchet, commissioned by the Research Minister Claudie Haigneré, noticed a big unease in this field: depreciation relative to the "hard " sciences, divestiture of the political power......more

Curious textual similarities?

Bradshaw's Hand Book to London is a fascinating Victorian guide book which I am using to explore London. ...more

Changing Hearts & Minds: The Power of Pathos and Logos in the Fight Against Weight Stigma

I am an advocate. I have been since I had the great honor of serving as Miss America in 2008. An advocate for what? The greater awareness of eating disorders, their serious health consequences, and the stigma that surrounds mental health illnesses in general....more

Educate Yourself to Make the Job Search Easier - Read Industry Publications

It is wonderful to educate yourself and make the job search more successful by reading industry publications. Each day there are people all over the country who are seeking work. Some are traditional employees who want to go and offer their services to employers at brick and mortar locations. Other people seeking work are entrepreneurs who are seeking more customers for their businesses. Still others are people who work at home like freelance writers who are looking for their next contracts....more

New Bill Could Compensate Women Donating For Research

A new bill that is being introduced in California could change things for women who donate their eggs for research. Currently, women can be compensated in cases where their eggs are donated for fertility treatments, where the standard payment is between $5000 to id="mce_marker"0,000. It's uncommon for women to voluntarily give their eggs for research due to the fact that it's invasive, time-consuming and can lead to a shortage of healthy eggs. That, and there is no compensation....more