Bitter Reaction to Study on Black and Asian Women's Tolerance for Racism

[Editor’s Note: Every once in a while, a study comes out that makes you wonder, “What were they thinking?” Contributing Editor Laina Dawes and I are trying to wrap our minds around a recent report involving Black and Asian women, a Confederate, and a pile of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans. And no, it’s not a joke. Read on to find out more... --Grace]...more
IMO, the researcher has to pinpoint which part of Asia were the researched women came from. Some ...more

Did women of your mother's generation spend more time or less time with their children than do mothers today?

So, do you spend more time with your children than Moms of the 50s? ...more

I wrote about this a while back, too, and gave it thought as I was doing it.

I think your ...more