The Perils of Parenting While Texting

I’m not putting down my phone while the kids are in the playground. I have 3 BBM conversations going and one is with the husband about what’s for dinner and what’s going on this weekend. I’m laughing at something or someone with my friends in another, because we are evil. The best kind of evil.  And the third involves evening plans. I am checking twitter for the latest news. I may even tweet if I am bored enough and something strikes me....more

The Coming-to-Be of a Dissertation on African-American Mom Bloggers: Part Three [Methods]

MethodsMy dissertation uses a mixed-method approach to examine African-American mom bloggers' online identity creation--individually and socially, and how these identities and the use of blogs enable interaction with readers and development of a community among African-American bloggers and their readers. This approach is three-fold: interviews with African-American mom bloggers, a content analysis of African-American mom blogs, and a survey of African-American mom blog readers.Five research questions guide this dissertation research: ...more
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Do Humans Have a Mating Season?

Have you ever wondered if your horniness varies with the seasons? If you're more inclined to mating behavior, say, in the fall or something? After all, other species have "mating seasons." Presumably this wouldn't apply to us, as females of the human species are available for mating much more often than once a year, but is there seasonal variation anyway? ...more
what?   So you are a mormon or six days of the same month but not the year?  Not sure I get why ...more

6 Ways You Can Avoid Gender Stereotypes of Your Kids

Kids, new research is telling us, pick up very early on what sort of behavior is appropriate for girls and boys. Even before they learn to talk, they’ve absorbed multiple messages about the role of the sexes. Young kids start out with a wide-ranging curiosity, and learn all sorts of things from the world around them. But as this period closes, kids enter the culture created by adults, a culture that guides them into areas the adults think appropriate. ...more
DawnsRecipes That's really great for you, however the whole point is that in many homes, when a ...more


Women Are Great Leaders? Yes!

The Woman Effect refers to the fact - yes, it's a fact - that a significant presence of working women in leadership in any organization contributes to that organization's health and wealth. This is true for major corporations and African villages alike. But why is this so? What can working women and entrepreneurs do individually to activate The Woman Effect in our lives and organizations? ...more
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The Three Faces of Eve on Christmas

A social scientist is always in a…position.Some would deem the position precarious, because those scientists ARE part of the world they study.  Others would deem the position magical, because…those scientists ARE part of the world they study....more
Hm. That's good to know, and interesting. And, sort of fits - in a way - with the whole "is a ...more

The Thief in the Night

      October sees the start of a month long campaign to raise awareness for a condition called Rett Syndrome.Rett Syndrome is a debilitating disorder which most often strikes previously healthy little girls just after they have learned to walk and say a few words and begins to drag their development backwards.As the cascade of Rett symptoms descends, girls lose acquired skills, normal movement and speech. Girls are left unable to communicate or use their hands to hold, carry or manipulate objects....more

Men Are Rewarded More Often for Speaking their Truth? Really?

I ran a survey last month asking people about their experiences with Speaking Truth to Power. One hundred and fifty five professionals – mostly women – responded and said loud and clear that: ...more
@Gloria Feldt Gloria, Love the "wear the shirt" analogy because it IS all about taking a stand - ...more

SEX NEWS: Female Orgasm, Pill Recall, Sex Doll Couture and Lawsuits

There past few weeks have brought us all kinds of interesting news and the love and sex front is no different. Here is a quick roundup of some interesting research and news stories about relationships and sexuality that crossed our radar. ...more
Wow! If it isn't one thing its another. We are reading on the news all the depressing things ...more