SEX NEWS: Female Orgasm, Pill Recall, Sex Doll Couture and Lawsuits

There past few weeks have brought us all kinds of interesting news and the love and sex front is no different. Here is a quick roundup of some interesting research and news stories about relationships and sexuality that crossed our radar. ...more
Wow! If it isn't one thing its another. We are reading on the news all the depressing things ...more

Are couples today really more monogamous?

With all the news of celebrity splits due to infidelity, is it really possible that monogamy is on the rise? According to a recent study of 6,864 straight and gay men and women published in the journal Family Process, the rate of monogamy has been rising since 1975. ...more
I think when you remove the 'limelight' from the discussion of monogamy you do find that ...more

Take Back Your Power – Watch Your Language (Part I)

This is the third post in the Take Back Your Power series of posts....more

The Power of Joy

 Is a secret to personal power sitting right under your nose? It was mine. I grew up a negative, cynical kid, and it wasn’t until relative adulthood that I discovered the ability for simple joy to help me find my power in otherwise powerless situations – mostly, but not only, on the job....more

Research to Help Women: Please Help If You Can

Have you or anyone you know made decisions about multiple fetal gestations?...more

SEX NEWS: Penis Size, Cuddling, a Pill to Prevent HIV Transmission

This month has brought us all kinds of interesting news and the sex front is no different. Here is a quick roundup of some interesting research and news stories about health and sexuality that crossed our radar. Photos by Alex Barth and Nick McGlynn. ...more

In Power Women – Crossing Our Divides

Women’s relationship to power is fascinating. I have instigated several discussions about this subject and find the subject rich and deep for women and men alike....more

threefivenine degrees of enlightenment

359 degrees of englightenment aknowledges that as humans we should move forward with the acceptance that we will never reach a state of perfection. I started 359 degrees of enlightenment to educate others on my journey in learning about a healthy mind, body and soul. I strive for a well rounded life but know that 360degrees is too well rounded for us to achieve....more

Why You Need Women Leading In Your Organization - A Summary of the Data

I’m a woman and I like to hear about women making it big in business, but I keep running across data that says that we still aren’t up there with the guys – despite “overwhelming evidence” that companies that have women in leadership roles outperform those who don’t. ...more

Dr. Jean

All the data is starting to point to the impact of women being present in any group ...more

Ignored the News About Internet Preferences?

I have. I opened an email from a few weeks ago and thought, "Jeanine, you have fifteen minutes. It'll come back if it needs your attention." And I promptly clicked "delete" and the email vanished. Honestly, I didn't think about it again. ...more