Ignored the News About Internet Preferences?

I have. I opened an email from Moveon.org a few weeks ago and thought, "Jeanine, you have fifteen minutes. It'll come back if it needs your attention." And I promptly clicked "delete" and the email vanished. Honestly, I didn't think about it again. ...more

The Emperor of all Maladies: A Biography of Cancer

A few months ago, Cece was given a huge 600 page book with the above named title by Siddartha Mukherjee.  Cece discovered the other day, that he has won the Pulitzer prize for writing this book!  So, when she was asked to give a talk to the Leukemia Lymphoma's cycling team on Saturday, she immediately thought she might talk about this book. ...more

Are women with advanced breast cancer living longer?

Susan Niebur (@WhyMommy) writes about surviving cancer, space science, and work/life balance at http://toddlerplanet.wordpress.com, ...more

Ovarian Cancer Does Not Start in the Ovaries

Everybody dreads a cancer diagnosis, but an ovarian cancer diagnosis can be particularly devastating because it’s often found too late with little hope for recovery. This isn’t to say all ovarian cancer is deadly, but due to limited testing abilities, the cancer has often progressed significantly before a woman knows she has it. Of the approximately 200,000 diagnoses every year worldwide, approximately 130,000 women will die from this kind of cancer. Cancer researchers have long believed that ovarian cancer starts elsewhere....more

Two Girls? Happy Parents! Four Girls? DOOM!

According to a new study, researchers say that our family is kind of happy. Not as happy as a family with two girls or a family with a boy and a girl, but much more happy than my friend who has four girls. It has nothing to do about situational issues, personality types or how much coffee I’ve had in the morning. It has everything to do with the number of children I have and their gender. The study says that families with two girls are happier. Families with four girls? Not so happy. ...more
I had two girls for 7 years, then added two more in the last three years. I agree with the "duh" ...more

The 2011 Social Media Matters Study: Everyone is an Early Adopter...Are You?

This week BlogHer released its fourth annual in-depth look at women in social media, the Social Media Matters Study, co-sponsored by Ketchum. To introduce this study, we issued this press release, and I presented an excerpt from the study at the Marketing to Women Conference in Chicago.  As always, we compared a sample of women from the general population (via partner Nielsen) to a sample from the BlogHer community. ...more

Well, I'm glad to know about the study. I had wondered why I am so drawn to blogging. I was ...more

Trusting Parental Instincts: Tips for Choosing a Child Care Facility/Preschool

Baby Steps There are many parts of parenting my young fellas that tug at my heartst...more

6 Ways to Encourage Kids to be Future Donors and Volunteers

  Photo Credit: Ari Moore ...more


I was reading something my friend posted on Plurk the other day, about  scientists creating autistic mice. I had read about this in the paper, and wasn’t really convinced by the whole thing. However, I do find any and all research into autism worth at least listening to....more

This is exactly how I see both of my sons. Autism isn't everything about them, but it is part ...more

What Type of Exerciser Are You?

What kind of exerciser are you? Take this handy quiz to find out (I love quizzes!) ...more