I was reading something my friend posted on Plurk the other day, about  scientists creating autistic mice. I had read about this in the paper, and wasn’t really convinced by the whole thing. However, I do find any and all research into autism worth at least listening to....more

This is exactly how I see both of my sons. Autism isn't everything about them, but it is part ...more

What Type of Exerciser Are You?

What kind of exerciser are you? Take this handy quiz to find out (I love quizzes!) ...more

State of Our Unions Report; Yet another tool in the War against Women

So I am surfing ye olde interwebs while listening to my "remember the 80's" music channel - cause I loves me some Whitensake served side by side to Bronski Beat, when I head on over to CNN to catch up on the American news. ...more

Alzheimer's Disease: Latest Research Into Early Diagnosis May Also Lead To Better Treatment

Scientists now know that the damage done to the brain by Alzheimer's Disease begins long before the onset of symptoms.  And promising research is renewing hope that by diagnosing this devastating disease early, researchers will finally have an opportunity to study the disease in it's earliest stages and find an effective treatment. ...more

I would definitely want to be tested if it was possible. My parents' neighbor - who was an old ...more

New Findings on the Children of Lesbian Moms

The current article examines the sexual orientation, sexual behavior, and sexual risk exposure of seventy-eight 17-year-olds whose mothers enrolled in the NLLFS before their birth. Psychiatrist Nanette Gartrell and her colleagues have been studying these children and their families beginning in 1986. Their research findings are the response to all the naysayers who argue that there is no longitudinal research on the children raised in planned lesbian families. Turns out there is. ...more

Are You a "Glee" or a "Housewives?" TV Survey Says You Are What You Watch

If you're creative, you like "Mad Men." If you're a rule-breaking rebel, you like "Family Guy." If you're an experimentalist, you like "Glee." If you're an obnoxious, in-your-face type, you like "The Real Housewives of Orange County." And if you're a superior snooty puss, you like "The Office." So says a new survey, anyway. ...more

See, it's just like going to a therapist, you never know what you might ...more

Rethinking Study Habits: New Studies Shake Things Up

School is back in session, and my son and fifth child has just completed his first two weeks of middle school. He’s now got a different teacher for every subject and mega-amounts of homework. I have a whole routine for setting up a homework ritual and a study spot that I feel has been tried and true and efficiency-tested by his four older siblings. ...more

i remember when i was still studying, i do well in school but i only study when i want to and ...more

New research on Sleep Training

I read an interesting article in the Globe and Mail today about Sleep Training. Read it, then come back and read this. For the record, I used some of the Ferberizing methods and it worked for us. Letting him cry for a few minutes at a time, patting his back, not picking him up etc....more

Research on Media Habits from BlogHer, ComScore, Yahoo, Unicast : What Do Women Want?

A number of studies have been released over the past few months exploring the behaviors, purchasing habits and needs of women online. ...more
Very good article and well written - I recommend you to read this Twitter survey on my page: ...more