What to do before upgrading your education

Unemployed or under-employed this is a time when some people may consider using their time and limited dollars towards educational upgrading. In a competitive job market this may seem like a logical step, but before you take that leap there are a few things I would like to share. Many clients have sat in front of me placing their head in their hands after spending money on an education that did not yield the desired employment. Though the problem could be from a lack of a proper job search, it also may be that they did not ask the right questions before heading back to school. ...more

Join a Citizen Science Project

In the Northern Hemisphere, spring is in the air, and maybe you're looking for an excuse to get outside a bit more. Look no further: I have a round-up of citizen science projects you can join. It's a good time to get involved. During a year when budgets are tight, those of us who can't contribute monetarily to our favorite scientific, medical, tech, or environmental organizations can donate our time instead to scientific research projects. ...more

Is it time to end the university as we know it?

This past weekend, I considered a critique of universities as abusive employers and suggested that American universities are, in some ways, profoundly broken. Mark Taylor, chair of the religious studies department at Columbia University, takes this critique to its (il)logical conclusion, calling for us to "End the University as We Know It." He begins with this analogy: ...more

I agree with many of the critics of the op-ed that some of the points were off target and ...more

An Adventure in Research

Harry Potter. Twilight. Lord of the Rings. It’s safe to say that Fantasy Fiction has become one of the most popular and beloved genres of our time. But have you ever thought about what goes on behind the scenes of the book? Most often, the research that goes into the book is more time-consuming than actually writing it. ...more

Yo Mamma's Memory: Tracing Children's Memories to their Mother's Childhood

We blame, or okay, thank our mothers for all kinds of things because of what they did or didn't to for us when we were growing up or in some cases, just for passing along some genes.  Now we can add grandma to that list.  She may be responsible for us overcoming some bad genes we might have inherited.  Yes, your mother's childhood experiences may influence the expression of genes in your own life.... ...more

No Answers from Parenting Research?

It's hard being a parent some days. Especially for those of us who value the scientific process.... Newsweek science writer Mary Carmichael, a soon-to-be mother, reports there is "no such thing as evidence-based parenting" in the Health Matters column in the latest Newsweek magazine - "Dare I Trust My Intuition?". She quotes an expert saying "no one really knows" much for sure. That research hasn't provided many answers for parents. ...more

NY Times Article: What Do Women Want

This is a very long article, but well worth reading. I recommend it for men and women. You can find the article here. The article covers a lot of ground, and presents several very different points of view on arousal in women. It starts out with a very interesting study that included men and women and tested their physical arousal vs. mental arousal. ...more

Video Games and Virtual Worlds Carry Over into Real Life

There is conditioning that takes place when you play video games that carries over into real life.   Perhaps the common depiction of "real" life versus "in world" or "in game" is deceptive and should be termed something more like physical life and virtual life.  "New research suggests that virtual worlds sway real-life choices." writes Ewen Callaway in The New Scientist.   ...more

Do your children make you happier?

This is a question that I have long considered, especially as I've gotten older. Now, I work with kids, and I find that quite enjoyable. However, I have always maintained that kids are great... as long as you can give them back. Being a parent has never been anywhere near the top of my to-do list, even though I am increasingly surrounded by family and friends who are having children of their own. When I tell people that I'm not really interested in having kids, they inevitably tell me that I'll change my mind when I hit the magic Three-Oh. ...more