Under Pressure: How to Raise Resilient Kids Who Handle Pressure Like Pros

So, that’s it. Pretty much anywhere you are in the northern hemisphere, kids are back in school. It’s always a shock to the system when you return to the chores of lunches to pack, homework to oversee and the myriad of activities that begin anew.While we get caught up in the pressure of our day-to-day doldrums, we forget that our kids are often under pressure as well.The adults in their lives expect them do as they’re told and do well in school....more
That's great! Often kids find it overwhelming to shut down at the end of the day, and exercises ...more

Why P&G Changed the Tone of Its Ads This Year

The industry giant's Olympic themed ad shows children in various states of descent. Tumbling on the hardwood floor in diaper-clad bottoms. Balancing their bodies down the ski slope. Hitting the ice in the skating rink. Seeing their Olympic ambitions get crushed on the ice. We see kids crying from bruises, from shivering cold and from disappointment. Moms wiping tears and pulling them back up. The producer of the global brand called Pampers seems to suggest that it is falling, not pampering, that makes us stronger. ...more
YES! I just read "Free-Range Kids" and couldn't agree more with its premises!more