Who Are You Beyond Your Work?

I've been mulling this question over quite a bit in the last week. I was trying to figure out - what is that catchy post title that bridges the gap between the public tragedies like the death of Whitney Houston and our everyday lives? While I don't have a catchy title, I do believe the essence of all of this is simple, so I will ask you the question: Do you know what you have in common with Whitney, Amy Winehouse, Demi Moore, the millionaires in the NBA, or < fill in the blank of any public figure...>? You are human. They are human. ...more

It started in the bed....

Hi, I'm Emma. I am a happy member of www.TheWomansHeart.orgĀ and I am a woman in recovery from alcoholism and drug use. Not just any woman, and not just any recovery. I am living life to its fullest. Life is short and I want all there is out there to experience. I did not get sober to live a boring and uneventful life, and wake up in bed one day and wonder what happened. I was a whiskey-drinking wine-wise woman and loved to get crazy. ...more