Showing Up-Even When You Don't Want To

The Voice of ResistanceI don’t feel particularly inspired to write today. But I’ve committed to daily blogging for the month of October because that commitment is aligned with my Deepest Yes. I knew when I signed up that I would meet resistance (probably over and over again) but I didn’t know it would show up so soon.Let me be clear. I want to write. Just not in this moment. Instead, I want to be outside enjoying the beautiful Indian summer afternoon. So I’m going to do that, but first I’m showing up here.Showing up when you feel called to do something else, or when you simply don’t want to do what you’ve agreed to do, can be hard. It’s funny because the more I’m committed to something, the more resistance shows up for me. It’s like there’s something in me that’s always asking “Are you sure you want to do this?” Does that happen for you?...more
I do this too. Resisting, that is. There often seems like there are so many things to do, so ...more

Take Charge of Your Career

The When, The How, and The WHO!WHEN…When do you realize that you need to take charge of your career? When you feel like you just have a “job”.  You have no dreams or path to follow.  It's a sad way to live when what you do 40 hours per week isn't fulfilling.When you feel negative and like nothing is within your control.  When your career is dictated for you or to you.  When thinking of work makes you tired.You deserve happiness!  But...HOW…...more

Afterthought Contemplation on Letting Go

Letting go is hard. Letting go of our old stories, lies we've told ourselves, lies others have led us to believe and pain we wished would go, but clings on defiantly. Resistance is a natural response when we have become so used to self-sabotage and habits we've fallen into. I think the words in this image represent how hard it can be to get past difficult times in our lives. I also think it can teach us that in facing resistance and taking back our power, we can let go of fear....more

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake™” Karma Isn’t Providing Resistance 6-14-12

Regardless of an inability to make a decision today, use your creative energies available to determine just how to master your situation.The desire to improve circumstances at work presents opportunities to utilize new talents, skills, and increasing efforts to promote the outcome you desire.Opposing Energies: Faithlessness, fear, irresponsibility.Karma quite possibly may have a hand in today’s events.Follow the tracks of what may be manifesting, observing either obstacles or opportunities....more

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake” Pay Attention to Your Intentions Today 5-3-12

Juggling two jobs or two lifestyles may feel taxing today.Hold your ground, as indecision may increase your levels of negatives including being argumentative and stubborn.While the forces of life have their effects today, another force is at play: A Spiritual Force.Pay attention to your intentions today, and feel your way through with a positive attitude.Opposing Energies: Argumentative, stubborn, worry, indecisiveness....more

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake” Sacrificing Your Health 4-4-12

Planning in business today may be met with cancellations or rescheduling.Use caution; and rather than make new plans for anything, work on clearing your desk and getting things done in your life.Rid yourself of all those mental lists.Opposing Energies: resistance, vulnerability, weakness, doubts, controllingYesterday I mentioned turning a corner in personal wellness.Today, I suggest rest, diversions and healthy food....more

Experiencing External Beauty from Inner Transformation

If you are trying to make major changes or shifts in your life, it is to your overall advantage to begin within. Making changes from the inside will more quickly get you to the core of the beliefs that may be affecting you or holding you back. Once you figure out the belief, you can choose to make change happen at whatever pace you desire....more

Resistance is Futile or Resisting Your Bliss, Part Deux

This week, Marcy and I had some (expected) bad news, and as I write this, we are awaiting more of the same. Two relatively young people passing in one week makes you stop and think, doesn't it? ...more

Why Do We Resist Our Bliss?

Resistance is a topic that Marcy and I have been discussing since we met, but we have been especially concentrating on it as of late. ...more

I Want Nothing but the Best for You

(A message for teens and young adult children) I’m your mother, your aunty, your teacher, your friend.I wish nothing but the best for you. When have I done anything but try to elevate you?And yet your resist – my advice, my contacts, my experience, my help(but rarely, if ever, my money). ...more