What's the best way to form a new (good) habit?

The second month of the new year is a better time  to affect positive change.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  Anybody can make a New Year’s resolution that promises changes will begin on January 1st, but some of us know we’re doomed to fail with those expectations hanging heavily right there on the nearby calendar....more

Can You Change Your Life With Positive Thinking? Yes.

I believe that when we consistently stumble into the same messages, or the same thoughts flit across our mental screens repeatedly -- and those thoughts are reasonable, not crazy -- that the universe is speaking to us, and we should pay attention. So, when a BlogHer staff member suggested a contributing editor write about the blogs Operation Beautiful and Gives Me Hope and interview their founders, I raised my hand in cyberspace, "Oooh! Ooh-ooh-ooh! I'll do it!" ...more

I am glad to see that you continue to explore positivity.  Thanks for the GMH ...more

Evaluating Your Success, Not Your Failure

If you made a New Year's resolution, you've now had a couple of weeks to work on it. How are you making out? Would you say you've been successful, or that you've already failed? Don't answer yet. My New Year's resolution included eating healthy, but today my daughter made chocolate chip cookies and I had several of them (they were super yummy too).  Some might say that by eating those cookies, I've failed at my resolution.  Have I?  ...more

There's nothing wrong with having a couple of chocolate chip cookies. What's wrong is feeling ...more

Relationship Resolutions: Figuring Out My Top Three Dating Priorities

It's still difficult for me to imagine being in a new relationship. It's not even three months since the break-up, and I'm just beginning to truly look more forward than back. But, I know time marches on and you never know what's going to happen, really, so it's good to be prepared. And I'm ready for some change. ...more

Oh Liz!  You're in Los Angeles.  Say no more.  I hear you loud and clear. ...more

Planning Big For 2010

Now that we've reviewed 2009 it is time to look forward to 2010 and all the fabulous that we would like to ensue during the year ahead. And just because January 1 has come and gone, it is not too late to kick off your planning. ...more

Business Wishes Aren't the Same as Business Resolutions

At 11:50 p.m., on December 31, 2009, our dinner host turned on the TV, handed us each a dime and a piece of herring on a cracker. We were instructed at the stroke of midnight to hold the dime, eat the herring, and make a New Year's wish.  Even if I liked herring, which I don't, eating this genus Clupea after champagne and trifle would have no appeal. While it was obvious to my host that I was not playing along with her ritual, she had no way of knowing whether I actually made a New Year's wish. I did, and it was business related. ...more


Heather C. Hogan Author of Can There Be More? www.amazon.com ...more

"Day" of Resolutions

Well, another year is gone. Is it this the end of a decade or the beginning of one? I mean usually you start counting at one and finish at 10 but I guess you might start counting at zero and end at 9. And how do we refer to the year? It was '97 and '01, but it sounds weird just saying "ten". It almost sounds better to say "oh-ten". "Twenty-ten" is too many syllables but probably sounds the least stupid so I guess we'll all stick with that. Again, I am getting caught up in the details.So what did everyone else do for saying good by to 2009? Me?...more

The New Years Resolutions that Will Not Be

What a weird beginning to 2010. I'm so blah. . not feeling like I've shed the grief of 2009 and accepted all the new opportunities that are awaiting in 2010. Right now, I'm really just fakin' it 'til I make it. .Joseph James Johnson, my Dad, passed away at 10 am on January 31, 2009 of prostate cancer. I was not there. I was at home planning for a party. I now hurt, and I carry a lot of regret with me in 2010. I know I will forget this mistake, but I will not forget the lesson, "Don't put off to tomorrow. . " I'm 34, but still learning the same damn lesson.. "...more