Resolution Series - "I Want to Start an Exercise Routine"

First off, get it out of your head that you require a personal trainer, costly equipment or fancy spandex clothes in order to exercise. There is a budget-friendly way to get fit for everyone on every budget! Before you begin, make sure you're in good health by getting a check-up from your doctor. ...more

Think of Bananas: The Will to Climb

“THINK OF BANANAS! THINK OF BANANAS!”A group of elementary girls in colorful swimming suits hopped out of the community pool and called up to me these words of encouragement.I was climbing to the top of the infamous “green slide,” a water slide that ends about five feet above the water and drops you straight down.A camper of mine was afraid to try it because it was so high and you fall so far. I told her I was nervous too, but “If you do it, so will I.”...more

Realistic Resolutions

  I am kind of OVER making New Year's resolutions....more

15 Dating Resolutions You Need To Make In 2015

2015 is upon us! If you’re finding yourself still single, freshly dating, or in a complicated situation, this is the best time to start fresh and figure out what you really need. You can sulk in the idea of another year’s worth of unfulfilled potential, or take action toward finding the love you deserve.Not sure where to start? Here’s my list of 15 dating resolutions you should make in 2015:...more
EvaHardt Yes, well knowing the purpose for your interaction whether romantic or friendship is ...more

The Ol' New Year's Try

The Ol' New Year's TryHappy New Year!We had a wild and crazy night at the hottest spot in town - our house. And there were these crazy animals all over the place - my kids and husband....more

The One Tiny Thing That Can Make Your Dream a Reality

The Dream. Whether we've confronted ourselves or not, we all have one. So, what are you doing to make it a reality? Often, the road to The Dream seems overwhelming - a mountain of impossible tasks and daunting sacrifices lined with insecurity and doubt - otherwise, The Dream would be The Reality already.So, how do you tackle this nagging vision? This idea that will not go away? According to Susannah Conway, you tackle The Dream one tiny piece at a time:...more
yes, I made it a point to make my dreams a reality no matter what this year.  I work on one goal ...more

2013 Resolutions - The Relaxed Way

 I read an article the other day from the Editor-in-Chief, Jill Herzig of the magazine, Redbook. She titled it, "Relax your Resolutions". What a great idea. Why didn't I think of it? ...more

Let's practice Kindness this New Year

I don't know about you, but I'm weary of the news headlines, much less of reading the details that go along with those headlines. I'm weary of hearing about death and violence and war. Those things, it seems, will always be with us unfortunately, but I'm ready to read news headlines of the "good stuff" we do for one another...for I know that we do good stuff....more
HomeRearedChef Hi Virginia - hope 2013 ended well for you and that this first half of 2014 has ...more