The Phoenician Luxury Resort

 This is a where in the world Wednesday post: Today our where is The Phoenician Luxury Resort in Scottsdale Arizona....more

Disney Do, Disney Don't

I am the planner of this party of three.  I even have a theme song.  It’s I Am the Walrus by the Beatles.  No, I’m not an eggman sitting on a cornflake.  The song just has a strange way of motivating me.  Motivating me to be a vacation planner for my family or vacation lackey, as I like to call it. ...more

Vegan Las Vegas

A lot more has popped up in the way of vegan fare since my last visit to Sin City! While the places I frequented on past visits still exist, I’ve had to add some new spots to my list. Vegas hasn’t gotten any less wild but I’m so happy that there has been a turn toward some more plant based fare. Some healthier then others, here’s my updated list of veggie goodness in this naughty dessert oasis!...more

Cruise Collection - A silly name but not to be dismissed

Wearable, beautiful cruise (or resort) collections are the answer to your between-the-seasons woes. Do not dismiss the Cruise collections for having a silly name. For one, they actually have several silly names (Resort, pre-collections); plus, they probably contain the clothes that you will actually end up buying....more

Smuggler's Notch, Vermont: Winter Family Fun

Living where the winters are long and cold, one is wise to enjoy outdoor winter sports as getting outside, enjoying the sun and doing some exercise is not only fun, but it makes the life more manageable when the temperatures drop. While I’ve enjoyed skiing nearly all of my life, I guess when I think of vacation, I think of getting away from the snow - not jumping in. Last month, we were invited to Smuggler’s Notch for a vacation with all 4 boys, hubby and my mom. It was a long journey to get there, but what a pleasant surprise when we arrived....more

I burried myself in the Desertland

Scary big men with beards and mustache, wearing crease-free white kandura (wonder why they don't get dirty at the end of the day) and guthra (headscarf) fixed with egal (black rope); reserved women in their black ...more

Wonderful woman profile: Nancy Novak

In the months following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, most of us were grieving and struggling to regain some semblance of normalcy to our lives. Nancy Novak was working to rebuild the Pentagon. Just weeks before 9/11, Hensel Phelps Construction had signed a contract to renovate the Pentagon and Nancy was named Program Manager. “After 9/11, everything changed,” said Nancy. Read more about Nancy here. ...more