I'm Feeling Blue. Why I Think You Should Be Too.

This week, I had the honor of taking two of our children to observe the funeral procession of fallen Phoenix Police officer David Glasser. He was gunned down by a 19-year-old during a burglary call.This married father of two, a 12 year veteran, lost his life over a BURGLARY....more

Our Daughters and Their Personal Space: Because Girls Voices Matter

I am a mom. I'm not a young mom. I don't have babies any more, or small children. My kids are pretty grown up. Our oldest recently left his teen years behind. How did that happen? When did he become a real young man? Like a REAL young adult man?  I always called them Halflings and admittedly I still do. Of course all of them are taller than me, and though I am not a small woman, I am now regularly referred to as "little mommy"....more

Friendship, Respect & Privilege

After a long week of being trapped inside with chores that had to be completed, and with essays to be written - C & L are finally free!  They survived their long week, and did a wonderful job completing all their tasks without being asked - we truly are the lucky ones because they are such great kiddos- so we finished up this past Sunday by treating the girls to their favorite bagel shop in town. ...more

In Need of No Definition

 This may be a rant. I won't know until I'm finished. When others define us, we're put in the position of either ignoring what they say, agreeing with them, or establishing how wrong they are. Labels and definitions ultimately give way to permission, as if any of us need another's permission to be who we are. I certainly don't....more

Did you write a thank-you?

It seems to have become a lost act of kindness...."Remember to write a thank-you card," said my mom a million times throughout my childhood. ...more

I Wasn't Her Friend

When I was a young girl there was a special woman in my life who did not care if I liked her as her role was not to be my friend.  I will admit she made me mad sometimes and I did not always agree with her but I knew enough to listen to her....more

The lost art of manners

One day, I was working about an hour away from home. On my return trip, I came upon a fatal accident that had just occurred. The highway was immediately closed. After a long wait, they eventually re-routed us, and due to the addition of rush hour traffic, we ended up in a traffic jam like none I have ever seen. I waited in four kilometers of traffic for over an hour, only to be turned around and wait in four more.This was just to get to an exit....more

Remembering & Educating Our Children on 9/11

“On that terrible  day, a nation became a neighborhood, all Americans became New Yorkers.” – Governor George Pataki...more

Here's a simple rule that works: Don't be late

I could have written this article myself. I hate it when people are late. I hate it when I'm late (yes, it does sometimes happen, though very rarely and by a few minutes only). If you're going to be late for something, or you think you might be, warn the others ahead of time. "Sorry I'm running behind I expect to get there 5 minutes late" is a good way to put it. Send that as a text or email at least 20 minutes ahead of meeting time....more

Simple Rules That Helped Us Survive 24 Years of Marriage

This was a big weekend for my husband and me.We celebrated our birthdays back-to-back, took a day off, and then celebrated our 24th anniversary. We've been together for more than half of our lives now, which is pretty amazing considering we married quite young-- in our early, early twenties, because we were sure we were ready....more
These are both on our list as well - the name calling one especially. That just hurts in a way ...more