You don't have to understand someone to be respectful

You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist. Friedrich Nietzsche...more

What Is It With 'Ma'am'?

Why does being called "ma’am" rub some women the wrong way? Would they prefer “hey, bitch” or “sexy lady” or a loud catcall? ...more
"Ma'am" and "sir" have nothing to do with age. They have everything to do with respect.more

Pants on Fire

(from March 2014)We have heard a lot about RESPECT, AWARENESS and UNDERSTANDING over the past few weeks (End the r-word) and we will hear quite a bit more next month during Autism Awareness Month....more

Dear Selfie Generation,

Dear Selfie Generation,...more

Teach Your Children Well

The heat reflects off the black pavement and I am sweating (OK, maybe I’m glowing) on a warm day at the Alameda County Fair. I’ve visited all my favorite exhibitions, like the photography and art exhibit (amazing display, as always), the flower/garden exhibit, the big and small animals (love the rabbits), and the Billy Mays lookalikes.  I missed my favorite this year, the pig races. I also had to make a quick stop to my husband’s model train exhibit his club has every year....more

Entertaining Empathy for Change

This post originally appeared on my blog, Please feel free to pass along.I have a funny post pending for tomorrow. Today is something else I need to discuss. Today I am not funny. I read a lot of online news and such (it's slow at work right now), and the past few days I've been pretty disgusted.  ...more

How to Gain Respect at Work

Having a hard time gaining respect at work? Tired of being at the bottom of the office totem pole? One of the hardest parts of being in your Terrible Twenties is starting out in your career. Employers often treat entry-level professionals like they're fungible. And who can blame 'em?? At least with regards to the legal job market, there are hundreds of applications for every one vacancy. Can't cut it? No worries, there are 50 others just like you, lined up and ready to start tomorrow....more

The manners of yesterday.

Every adult, I knew as a child, was to be addressed as Mr. or Mrs. Our neighbours were all Mr. And Mrs.Teachers.Friends of the family.My parents’ friends.It was never a question.  ...more

Ladies Stop Disrespecting Yourselves!

People like to adorn their vehicles with all sorts of shit. The most common are bumper stickers/magnets – though I have showcased some other bizarre things like Truck Nuts and Stuffed Animals Gone Bad....more