She's Beautiful

 She has never heard of a holiday, nor will she. As I struggle to strike a balance between my professional and personal life, she comes as the most important inspiration ever. She knows every nook and corner of my house, what item is placed where and when was the last I used it. She doesn't complain about the chores put in front of her....more

How Not to Be Late All the Time

When people are late they disrespect themselves and everyone else that is left waiting for them. It is personally one of my big pet peeves. I hate when I end up late because I value walking my talk. The Everyday Minimalist has some thoughts on the matter and tips to help you not be late all the time. ...more
She needs to get down off her high horse.more

How to Fire Someone Respectfully

If you have employees, inevitably at some point you may have to fire one. It's not a task anyone looks forward to. It doesn't have to be mean-spirited or disrespectful however. That's why I thoroughly love this post from Lauren Bacon on how to fire someone with compassion and respect. Great advice for anyone who is or may be an employer one day. ...more

Fantastic Friday - When Work and Home Respect Each Other

Fantastic Friday - it is fantastic to find balance so work and home each respect each other. ...more

Terrific Tuesday - Election History - George Bush/Al Gore and the Teenie Bopper

Terrific Tuesday - it is terrific raise politically aware children....more

Love & Respect

I have been thinking about this ever since last night because of a comment someone made.  So I decided to pose this as a question and see how many responses I get.Can a person LOVE someone yet still not RESPECT them?  ...more

Election Day

No matter the outcome today, there are things I wish for my country.I wish a return to:CivilityKindnessToleranceRespectHonestyI wish to see the end of:HatredName CallingIntoleranceDisrespectDeceit...more

Simply Respect - Remembering 9/11

Simply Respect - Remembering 9/11 Respect your efforts, respect yourself. Self-respect leads to self-discipline. When you have both firmly under your belt, that's real power.  ~Clint Eastwood...more

A Little Civility Thank You

As we live, eat, work, grow and socialize together 24 hours a day, it does make sense we continue to reinforce the basic rules for how to treat one another respectfully....more


I have really awesome news, Crazy Trainees!! Drum roll, please... I am being published by the Scary Mommy herself-- the one and only Jill Smokler-- on her website! Woo Hoo! *lots of giddy happy-dancing going on at my house right now* ...more