Last night went out to the farm to do some welding at the ranch.  Ranch life is similar I would expect to everything in life that has A.D.D. on a grand scale.  Not a funny situation, we have such a list of things to accomplish and everywhere you look something else catches your eye that needs done. We have to work around the weather for haying, spraying, seeding and the rest of the time we made up jobs.   The shop is always loaded with projects but you have to take and list the priorities.  ...more

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake™” Having the Ability to Plan Ahead 4-24-12

Opportunities present themselves finally after a period of hard work.Success rounds a corner for you, bringing deserved recognition for efforts.Opposing Energies:  anger, bitterness, arrogance, selfish, withholding.Ready yourself to take responsibilities necessary toward a successful role in your work.Having the ability to plan ahead and make steady progress, contributes to your success.Wide Awake Words™ for today:  ambition, honesty, devotion, compromise...more

Do Your Bloomers Feel Needed?

Behavioral Challenges: Do Your Bloomers Feel Needed? Alex wasn't an easy child. Nope. None of my kids were which brings to mind a book I took solace in a long time ago that called difficult kids: high maintenance. That sounded better than difficult and the author also said that they would be more successful when they grew up. That made me feel better....more

Your Success Should Be Everyone's Priority

Your success should be everyone’s priority. Your family circle should be supportive. Your colleague's circle, encouraging. Your friend’s circle should play devil’s advocate. And your networking circle should give you every opportunity to advance your business. Within your networking circle might exist two networking groups, your sphere of influence, clients, prospects, and anyone else related to your business. To advance professionally and make the best use of your networking circle, everyone needs a solid support system....more

Is One The Loneliest Number?

She is enjoying her life with her husband. They have a lovely and tidy apartment, a good routine, and a great dog. She has time for cooking meals she enjoys, going out with friends, and blogging about her passions. Where do children fit into all of this? Ashley Lauren tackles the question of whether she wants to change the way things are. She knows one thing: when it comes to kids, IF they have any, they're only having one. They learned that from their dog. ...more

I didnt want to be a Mom until the month before I conceived and 18 years on it is the best ...more

"Grand" Kitties

I have to share B's news with her pretty kitty, Vera.  Go to B's blog Bifftastica to read about how little Vera did a stint for a national commercial!  Her sisters, Pimmy and Sammie stayed home to wait as Vera made her way to her photo shoot!  What a good kittie.   ...more

Are You An Enabler?

Are you a parent who loves to help your children with various things like homework, keeping their rooms clean, doing their laundry and keeping up with their daily chores because they tell you they are too busy? If you've answered yes, are you being an enabler?  ...more

As a parent of 3 adult daughters, I fully agree with Kristi's plan of action! it ...more

The Woe of Missing Writing While Moving

As much as I love my new home, since I can hang my clothes in a closet now, I missed writing my articles. I never realized how much writing is a part of my spirit, until these past few days. Not that I am not completely happy at my new location, but sometimes responsibilities can really be draining on your desires! ...more