Ready for responsibility

How do you know your child is ready for a sleepover, to get a pet or stay home alone?If your child asks for a new responsibility, it’s a good sign he may be ready. Here’s how you can prepare for the big leap:Step 1: What skills are needed? If you are considering leaving your child home alone, can they dial 911? Do they know your house rules?...more

AskPatty Reminds you to Celebrate a Safe Fourth of July

I  celebrate Independence Day each year with fireworks -- and a touch of sadness:  The Fourth of July would be my own mother's birthday, except that she was killed 45 years ago by a drunk driver....more
“FiestaGrrl: My annual reminder to celebrate a safe Fourth of July askpatty ...more

The beginning of the end.

I was not home much the month of April. She had been so sick. It went on for so long this time. The doctor wanted to treat with steroids first. She was admitted to hospital. She gained and lost fifty pounds several times throughout the ordeal‘You are fat!  Look at your fingers! Look at your ankles!’  I was shocked. It was the steroids.  She was a wreck.Eventually, she begged the doctor to do a bowel resection.  ...more

Are You Having as Much Fun as You Used to?

Recently I had someone say, "you're gonna be good for me - I don't have enough fun in my life anymore... everything has gotten so serious."  I laughed at that and agreed that fun seems to get lost in the land of responsibility when you become an adult.  I went to bed and woke up this morning thinking about that more.  How was my "fun" different now than my "fun" before?  Well, I had less responsibility, less bills, less to do (responsibility) and well... let's be honest, I'm more ethical now....more

Honest Questions About Becoming a Mom

Just the other day I had an interesting conversation with my mom. I was asking her all kinds of questions about having kids and, bless her heart, she answered all of them patiently. However, I'm still curious and would love to know your answers....more
I think that it would be more helpful to see life as grey, fluid, and subjective. There are no ...more

In Praise of Laundry-Detergent Pods

I'm the mom of three energetic young boys. Life can be a little messy in our house. And, truth be told, I sometimes feel like I’m an unpaid short-order cook in the county jail . . . that is, when I’m not an unpaid laundress at the county jail. But you know what’s really nice? It’s nice when companies try to figure out what I want and what will make my day go by a little smoother. You know why I appreciate this? Because Mother Nature isn’t one of your girlfriends and she’s not going to come over to sit with the kids while I go have a mommy-timeout at the nail salon....more
And I love the way you tell it like it is, Julie! This is my second post that I have read of ...more