Fondue and the City

Who doesn’t love a good round of fondue?  I recently got to tag along with Somm In the City to check out, Trestle on Tenth, a traditional and innovative Swiss restaurant in Manhattan. The hot restaurant is a mix of artists, art enthusiasts, locals, and out of towners. ...more

Murray Hill Gets A Michelin-Starred Restaurant

The Michelin Guide has just updated its rankings, and it created a bit of an uproar. Daniel, the eponymous restaurant from world-renowned chef Daniel Boulud, lost a star. While everyone’s talking about this controversy and what it means for the future of Mr. Boulud, I noticed something equally surprising about this year’s rankings.There is a restaurant in Murray Hill that was awarded a Michelin star! When the restaurant business is arguably more competitive than ever, an area in Manhattan that is not remotely known for its cuisine has a critically acclaimed restaurant....more

Best Burger in Jacksonville

First Impressions of the Nobel Prize winning Chef Massimo Bottura in Modena, Italy

I have passed the Osteria Francescana many times before while perusing through Modena.  If you are a tourist, visiting for the first time, it is highly unlikely that you will pass it unless you specifically plan to go past.  It is off the historic main streets on a mainly residential side street. ...more

Franco Manca Pizza-Making Masterclass in Chiswick, West London

Photo credit: Nancy Anne Harbord...more

Pressure to pay: After Dinner

Have you been stuck with more than your fair share of a tab? How did you handle it? ...more

Chloée Salon de Thé in Pau, France

Nancy Anne HarbordThis was my introduction to Chloée. A delicate carrot mousse amuse bouche that I have been trying to recreate ever since (minus the gelatine it probably contained). It tasted of pure carrot – clear, unadorned, simple. But delicious....more

eat chicago: yolk

we are big breakfast food people. like “will-drag-ourselves-out-of-bed-at-the-crack-of-dawn” for a good breakfast, type of people. so when we were in the city this past weekend, we had the opportunity to expand on our usual breakfast haunts and try some place new! we stumbled upon a cute diner called yolk located in the river north neighborhood of the city. obviously, from the name you can tell that eggs are their big thang. and it showed....more


I was working in our restaurant when a customer burst through the door and asked if we had a TV.  We did not, so he ran to his shop and brought us a little black and white one, the kind with the old rabbit ears....more