Restaurant Management, not easy as it seems…

 Have you thought of restaurant management as an easy task? Then, you must be wrong. To many people restaurant management is seen just like any other job. You will be astonished to find out the number of handles managers go through when trying to keep everything inline in a restaurant. It’s not easy for sure....more

Dining in style: Maccabees at Midtown Detroit

 There is no love more sincere than the love of food- George Bernard Shaw   There are places you go out to eat and hardly notice the interior décor as it may be regular or unimpressive. Then there are others that serve fresh, delicious, healthy and warm comfort food along a side of history....more

Tiptoeing around tipping: Check Please

When I needed help understanding the charges on my receipt after a very expensive meal, which included a service fee; I turned to my friend and 20-year veteran in the restaurant management/ownership business. Mr. Hobart Whitworth operates one of Miami’s finest dining spots and it’s just an addition to his long list of experience in the Hospitality Industry. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr....more

Seattle Restaurant Week on the Waterfront

 I happened to be in Seattle during the first part of 2015 Seattle Restaurant Week (SRW), which you still have time to experience – it runs through October 29. ...more

My New Arch Nemesis

Christine Cox, The Choosy Mommy...more

Park Avenue Restaurant Gets a Makeover

Restaurateur Michael Stillman recently re-opened his Park Avenue restaurant in Flatiron, on 26th and Park. The fine dining establishment is well known for its changing décor, menu and name each season. Right now, it’s Park Avenue Autumn.The dining room is less formal than its previous incarnation on the Upper East Side. The expansive location boasts soaring ceilings and is currently decorated with fall foliage....more

Fondue and the City

Who doesn’t love a good round of fondue?  I recently got to tag along with Somm In the City to check out, Trestle on Tenth, a traditional and innovative Swiss restaurant in Manhattan. The hot restaurant is a mix of artists, art enthusiasts, locals, and out of towners. ...more

Murray Hill Gets A Michelin-Starred Restaurant

The Michelin Guide has just updated its rankings, and it created a bit of an uproar. Daniel, the eponymous restaurant from world-renowned chef Daniel Boulud, lost a star. While everyone’s talking about this controversy and what it means for the future of Mr. Boulud, I noticed something equally surprising about this year’s rankings.There is a restaurant in Murray Hill that was awarded a Michelin star! When the restaurant business is arguably more competitive than ever, an area in Manhattan that is not remotely known for its cuisine has a critically acclaimed restaurant....more