6 Steps On How To Eat At A Restaurant With Your Children

Once in a while, you can go to a restaurant to compliment yourself for a deluxe dinner, or you can line up outside the newly opened hot shop, but now you only need cheap food with quick meals and compassionate waiters, and everything else is just extra. How to avoid wrestling, reduce child crying predicament? Try out a few selection steps listed below.Image Credit: restaurantji.com...more

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The girls are starving. My husband and I know we have only a few seconds before Emmeline takes a bite out of Lena, so a dinner decision needs to be made with haste. We opt for sushi. The girls like to get a bowl of soup, add rice, chicken and gyoza for dinner. It's fast, filling and will stop the cannibalism before it gets out of hand. Plus, eating with "chomp sticks" is an added bonus sure to stave off potential toddler tantrums....more
I can so relate.  That's why we stopped going out to restaurants altogether for a couple of ...more