A Sea of Blue

The decor and color scheme of La Mar along the San Francisco Embarcadero waterfront is stunning. Bright crystal blue water tones, white, silver, and a stunning view of the bay make this restaurant a hip, sophisticated yet soothing place to dine....more

Downtown Charlie Brown

Just a few family friendly things I love about Burlington, Vermont: ...more

I went to the ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center a few years ago. My friends have a ...more

Good Eats: Restoring my faith in French cuisine

  After an intentionally long respite with French food, my gastronimcal faith was restored Friday evening after one of the best meals I've had in Paris....more

Supper with Strangers: Dinner Clubs for Solos

It’s dinnertime, you’re hungry. But you’re craving more than just a meal. You’re palate is longing for conversation with other individuals, people just like you whose who too may be alone for supper. If the thought of having dinner with random peeps seems terrifying, intriguing and thrilling all at the same time, that’s because it is.   Food is intimate, dining out a sensory experience and sharing it with a people you don’t know is sure to send a mix of emotions right through your body....more

Autumn Obsessed in Vermont

Autumn Obsessed ...more

Autumn season is mostly exciting because of this fun stuffs organized in Vermont. Here's a ...more

Where to Eat during BlogHer Food ‘09

I’ve described my move to the Bay Area many times as making an extended pilgrimage to foodie Mecca, and even now that I’ve lived in Oakland for more than a year, I am still wide-eyed at the amazing eating experiences I’m having, week by week. If you’re coming here for BlogHer Food ’09, I encourage you to eat your way across town. But with so many possibilities, how do you pick where to eat? After all, even in San Francisco, you can find yourself savoring just an average meal, and with limited time and room in your stomach, that would be an epicurean tragedy. This is just part one of a series of posts that will run over the next few weeks. Next on the docket? Notable cocktails (and, in some cases, those cocktail purveyors will also provide a spirited eating experience). Finally, I’ll give you a wrap-up of some interesting places to do some foodie shopping while you’re in town. But first, you must eat. I’ve compiled a list of five places I think worthy of your attention. ...more

Anytime, Wife and Mommy...you're always welcome, and as long as you come hungry, there's ...more

Foodie Mecca: Expectations and Experience of Achatz's Alinea

When you live in the same city as what is arguably among the world's ten best restaurants, it is hard to ignore the pull. It is impossible to be a foodie in Chicago and not hear the tales, almost too fantastical to believe, of Grant Achatz and his mystical Alinea. It has all the stuff of legend. A chef who lost his sense of taste to tongue cancer, and then gained it back and so experiences taste in a new way. A chef who uses science to deconstruct food, play with textures, and tease the senses. ...more

When in Rome...

Michelle Obama & kids visited the Pantheon yesterday. It has been twittered, and it's probably TOTALLY UNTRUE, in the friend of a friend of a friend sort of variety of info that our TOTALLY COOL FIRST LADY donning black leggings - leggings!- under a black dress asked for a doggy bag at the restaurant. ...more

Eco-foodie guide to BlogHer '09 in Chicago

Though I'm writing this while stuck at an airport, I'm really looking forward to BlogHer '09 in Chicago -- especially since the city's made some very impressive green changes since BlogHer '07, when I was last in the city. The windy city has created a Chicago Climate Action Plan and is working hard to make it a reality. ...more

 A few useful sites, if you want to scope out Chicago food finds:


Pretty Stylish London

I'd like to introduce my blog to everyone here. ...more