Is your life more results driven or faith driven?Inspiritual: A space for spiritual evolution and transformation...more

What is the key to success in Crossfit and business?

Here is my most recent blog - from nicole-brodie.comDo you ever get results and you can’t really figure out how, why, who etc?Do you ever feel a bit all over the place, and as though you aren’t progressing how you should?Well  guess what?Their is probably a very good reason and a very EASY solution…Check out my video today, and find out what it could be…Can you guess??...more

Working for Results!

A Rural Education“Wake up!”The lights in our small country house were flashing on and my parents were already dressed, although it was still dark outside my bedroom window. My little brother and I, 14 and 10 respectively, wanted to stay curled up in our warm cocoons of blankets and pillows, but my parents moved with such an urgency that it wasn’t long before we wandered with sleepy eyes from our bedrooms to find out what was happening....more

Female Fitness: Why You Aren't Getting Results

Sowing Seeds

Matt. 13:36-43Seeds are the beginning of things, not the end. Good and evil will be separated at the end of time. Our faith calls us to love God, to plant the seeds--that is our joy and freedom. That is why I do not worry about having "success" stories--I simply plant seeds-and the rest is in God's hands. St. Therese of Lisieux puts it so well: "Your love has gone before me; it has grown with me, and now it is an abyss whose depths I can not fathom." Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!...more

This is a technical post so if you like kittens and flowers, don't read it

Because I am kind, like Oprah Winfrey (except I'm not black and I don't have a problem with fluctuating weight), I thought that I would share some interesting facts about the year 2011 with you. Strap in and hold on tight .........! ...more

Pupil's Responses to Exam / Test Questions: a.k.a Why Teachers Drink

Man alive. There I was, minding my own business, trying to extricate the Barbie Doll that I had accidentally superglued to my left boot, when I heard the 'ping' of an email arrive in my inbox. I limped to my laptop with Barbie's head bouncing off the floor with each step. The email was from my friend Sarah who is a teacher. And she had attached a load of images that showed some actual responses to questions given by pupils whilst sitting their exams / tests.  They were so funny, that it would be totally rude if I didn't share them with you. ...more

Fast Forward 7 months....

Fast Forward from my last post. I did it. I resigned. I got the new job. It's in the school I REALLY wanted to be in.  And, for the most part... I LOVE it.  It was such a positive step and change for me.  I am in a school with a lot of veteran teachers to learn from.  I am in a school with an awesome team of Math teachers to collaborate with.  I am in a school with kids who are lazy and don't want to work......more

America’s Message: 2010 Election Recap

Politician in Training If you ask Darling 1 what he wants to be when he grows up, he will tell you: Bruce Springsteen, a base...more

Sculpting Screams, I Mean Dreams

  Exquisite knife skills at: