How to Write an Effective Resume

The vast majority of hiring managers have seemingly endless piles of resumes and/or applications to get through. For that reason, many managers state they only grant one interview for roughly every couple hundred resumes they receive. There simply isn’t enough time to thoroughly read all of them, so it’s important to make sure yours stands out as particularly exceptional....more

6 Useful Tips on How to Put Skills on a Resume

What is the number one thing that hiring managers look for on a resume?Skills.Most hiring managers say that skills are the first things they look for when they are deciding whether or not to interview a candidate.But, how do you know which skills hiring managers want?And how do you put these skills on your resume so that a recruiter can find them in less than six seconds?Because six seconds is the average amount of time a recruiter is going to spend scanning your resume....more

Should You Add 'SAHM' to Your Resume?

As a stay-at-home-parent (SAHP) planning to re-enter the professional workforce, I have recently looked to the internet for some resume advice. In particular, I’ve been wondering about the rather thorny issue of whether or not to list my SAHP experience on my resume and, if so, how to talk about it. After many hours of reading blogs, online magazine articles, forums and comment sections, I’ve uncovered conflicting advice. ...more
As someone who has been a part of hiring committees, as well as overseen multiple hiring cycles, ...more

Upping My Game

Recently, I was told my LinkedIn profile could use some work. So in an effort to improve it, I took several different “personality tests,” all similar to the Myers-Briggs type....more
Wow ...that is a lot to think about. personal branding appears to have generated out of the ...more

Are You Living Your Resume or Eulogy?


10 Mistakes to Avoid Making in Resumes and Cover Letters

As the CEO of my own company, I like to hire new members to join my team and in doing so, I come across plenty of resumes and cover letters from job applicants. Some of these pairings are quite good. Others are… less than professional. And every now and then, some are nonexistent – a cover letter arrives without a resume included and vice versa. Or the resume and cover letter arrive but a quick read reveals a series of mistakes, some of which could have been edited beforehand and others are less than noticeable....more

I am an idiot, Issue 9: Resumes

As you may or may not know, I am trying to be a writer. Some would argue that because I write at all, I am already a writer. I’m not so sure about that, so we’ll call what I’m doing “trying” to be a writer. I am like a larva: newly hatched, wingless, and worm-like. I hope to one day become a pupa, because there are a lot of good jokes I could make with that name. ...more

Commit to Taking the Job Search Seriously By Updating Your Resume

It is wonderful to commit to taking the job search seriously by updating your resume. Over the course of the past twenty years, the ways we look for jobs have changed a great deal. One upon a time, we looked for jobs in the newspaper columns. It was common to see people dressed up and going into town on commuter trains with the classified section of the paper on their laps with various advertisements for positions circled. Today, people are increasingly looking online for jobs with Craig's List or filling out applications online....more

Springtime is Here - Update Your Resume

It is wonderful to get a new start on a job search by updating your resume.  Your resume should always be accurate, up-to-date and error free. Resumes can be used to secure a promotion, a new position or to get new customers. Just as you should never sit on your laurels, you should never sit on your resume. Instead always look for ways to improve your resume, make it better and keep it relevant....more