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So I have several friends on the job search and I have been helping with resumes because “you have an English degree and don’t you guys know how to do this?”  Yes, that is what they taught us, because an English degree qualifies us to do nothing so they teach us how to lie on paper.  And we also write our resumes in iambic pentameter.  None of this is true…except that English degress are useless....more


Which is more important for your resume, style or substance?  You might be surprised with the answer.‘Style’ or ‘presentation’ is as if not more important to your landing an interview than substance.  If your resume is eye-catching and unique in presentation, you are well ahead of the competition in being noticed.  Recruiters and hiring managers will naturally gravitate to a creative, out-of-the ordinary formatted resume ahead of more traditional resume submissions....more

Revamping Your Resume

Revamping Your ResumeBy Lisa Carman | Resonating Resumes

3 Reasons Your Resume Will End Up in the Trash

You know all about getting your resume noticed. (Clean layout! Accomplishments, not duties!) But do you know what’s on the flip side? What you might be doing that could cause recruiters to overlook your resume—or worse, toss it in the trash?Gasp! The trash? ...more
Good article You are fabulous.more

How Creative Should Your Resume Be?

Resumes are getting fancier and more creative.  Applicants are playing in Photoshop, adding design elements and various colours. I've received resumes on CDs, as video links, and even wrapped around a plate of doughnuts. With all the advice out there on grabbing the attention of hiring managers and being memorable leads to a common question: how creative should you get with your resume?   The answer is so subjective....more

Résumé Writing, what I am learning. Part Duex

Part two of this series focuses on the questions that I had/have about what to put on the Résumé especially when you are trying to add or subtract something that you may or may not feel that is important to a HR Representative....more

Resume Tips for Creating a Professional Resume

Resume Tips for Creating a Professional ResumeSince becoming a Career Counselor, I have been very surprised at how many students have no idea how to write an effective resume. In today's job market, having a professionally written resume is critical....more