Burying the Lead

As much as I enjoy writing, there’s one writing task that I find difficult to do: write my resume.  Actually, writing anything serious about me is tough.  I’ve always chalked it up as a “girl thing”, the inability or resistance to promoting my career successes.  You know us girls – unless it’s promoting the fabulous new shoes we’re wearing or our ability to uncover fashion bargains, we tend to lay low when it comes to self-promotion. My guess is that many of you share the same feeling when it comes to writing and/or revising your resume.  What to leave in?...more

On writing resumes

Today was the 1st day after the long Christmas break and most people went back to work. I read most of them complain about going back to work and I know I would be doing the same if I  was still working. But now, as I am out of work, I was actually jealous and I wrote to many of my friends that I would willingly trade places with them to go back to work. ...more
Thanks a lot for nice tips as it would definitely help to job seekers.I would try to include ...more

One Shot - the elevator pitch, your 2 minute commercial and how the Resume / CV has changed

If you’ve been out of the job hunt for a while, you should know that the rules have changed in this competitive climate – on both sides of the Atlantic.  What follows doesn’t just apply to landing that next job....more

Keep Calm And Carry On

http://daisychain.typepad.com/the_poet_in_you/ "So then what did you do? Did you just get your things and leave?" "Pretty much. All I had was my purse." Pause. "And half a sandwich. I went back to the break room to grab a sandwich I had delivered from Jimmy Johns. I kept asking myself, is this all you have? Is this all you have? It was pretty humiliating."...more
@Bertski That sounds deliciously dangerous!more

Worst Resume Mistakes Ever

Writing a resume is not a great deal of fun. There are the old ways of doing things, the new ways of doing things, and a dozen different "expert recommended" ways of doing things. In today's times it pays to have your resume stand out. After all, you usually need to rise to the top of a stack of hundreds of resumes. However, you don't want your resume to stand out in the ways that the ones I am about to share with you do. Don't make these best of the worst resume mistakes on yours. ...more

For your resume and cover letter to standout, they need to be well-written and promote 'You ...more