Eight Ways Parenting Is Like Working in Retail

This post originally appeared on KalySullivan.com Recently I was having a very circular argument with one of my children, trying to get him to use logic and reason instead of going into Hulk mode which includes a lot of stomping, yelling, and throwing of things....more

What Target Canada's Closure Means to Me

To some people the thought of Target Canada conjures up images of bare shelves, very few guests, and prices that just can’t beat Wal-Mart. To me, Target Canada means so much more. When I think of Target Canada, I think of a company that believed in me enough to offer me a career straight out of university. To me, Target Canada means a company that allowed for me to have some of the most memorable experiences of my life, training alongside some of the funniest, kindest people in retail....more

Taking Applications?

I work in retail. I did ballet for 10 years. Some days I wish I could fire my feet and hire new ones. I mean seriously. Though my feet technically do everything in the job description: stand, walk, balance etc. They no longer do the job all that well and they definitely do not work well without copious amounts of complaining. Now, to be fair, when I am not working in retail they do their job not too badly with minimal amounts of complaining (I say minimal because it is rare that they are complaint free). But as soon as I start working retail again......more

Shopping and Generational Differences

A funny thing happened when I opened a brick and mortar store in Houston; suddenly I got a birdseye view of the differences in shopping habits of 20 somethings up into old age.  Now the obvious thing to say would be younger people are different from us, and have a different outlook on what they want and how much they'll pay.  In reality the group who have disposable income to spend on gifts and collectables is shrinking as my age grows old and downsizes. Deep breath, and now I've gotten that off my chest. ...more

"Why Are Boutiques So Expensive?"

Working in several different boutiques, it drives me CRAZY when customers come in and ask why things are "so expensive." First of all, you're in a boutique. That means the merchandise is unique, carried in small quantities, and specialized for a somewhat specific kind of customer. (If you need to ask, you are probably not that customer.) Boutiques are not mall stores for a reason. Second, this is how much clothing is SUPPOSED to cost. The value of good materials and fairly paid employees are just the beginning of why some products cost more than others. ...more

Black Friday

I am not a Black Friday fan.I think it’s mainly due to the fact that I am somewhat claustrophobic/agoraphobic and even seeing the crowds on TV spikes up my anxiety to unpleasant levels.   If someone wants to get up at 3 am and sit in the cold to wait for a “deal”, knock yourselves out.  Me, I’m going to stay in my nice warm bed and dream of cozy evenings in curled up with a book in front of a fire while snuggling in my wool Aran sweater and sipping from a mug of hot chocolate....more

Working Retail at Christmas? You Can't Choose Your Customers, But You CAN Choose Your Attitude

Being on the front lines during the Christmas shopping season can be a stressful endeavor for even the jolliest of hearts....more