Margaret Cho Doesn't Deserve a "Retarded" Baby

Usually, I'm one of those people who are sitting at home, shaking their heads ruefully, when I hear about how everyone is mad because some pea-brained celebrity made some inappropriate comment during an interview. You know what I'm talking about -- someone uses a racial slur, or slams homosexuality, and the media feeding frenzy begins. I always sit around and say how the media makes it worse, let it drop, etc, etc. Well, I'm a hypocrite, in case any of my regular readers haven't figured it out, and I'm about to prove it to the tenth degree. Recently, Margaret Cho, a comedienne, did an interview in which she declared she didn't "necessarily want to have a retard" baby. ...more
While I do think that Cho was tasteless in her wording, it's not wrong for a woman to feel that ...more


 I know someone who still says, "nigger". That word that is so offensive that I hesitate to even type it, let alone say it. But he does. He says it when he feels like saying it. He says it because he thinks it's funny, he says it because he's from Texas. He's also literally close to 100 years old. He says it because he likes getting a rise out of people....more

When I Was Little: Before There Was Medication, Part I

yvonne@attractedtoshinythings   When I was seven, and in second grade, the school secretary would directly contact the teachers and students through an intercom system installed in each room. This could be a good thing, or a bad thing. Depending. If your parents were there to get you out of school early to go to the circus, it was a good thing. If your mom was there to bring you a dry pair of undies because you'd wet the ones you were wearing while waiting in line for the toilet...not so good....more