Five Ways to Take a Retreat as a Telecommuting Mother

I was walking with a fellow telecommuter this week, and we started talking about finding the time to think. Think about what we want out of life, what we want as mothers, wives, telecommuters and the many roles we play. With life moving so fast there is no time, and we end up living mindlessly. Yes, we complete our to-do list but is there a goal or a purpose?...more

Damn you, Jim Cantore

 I rarely take a vacation by myself.  After a visit to a writer’s conference last spring, I experienced the benefits of a retreat. Getting away alone to read and write for a few days recharged my batteries.  It’s been a long, hot summer and I need a break.  On a whim, I planned another retreat over Labor Day while my husband works.I chose a special place, Clearwater Beach, Florida. For the first half of my life, I frequently spent time on Clearwater Beach, usually around the Palm Pavillion.  ...more

Survivors Retreat brought Blessings

Women seemed to think my art retreat was safe, healing and empowering. It is a joy (mixed with sorrow and anger about their abuse) to do these retreats for survivors of sexual abuse. Watching connections being made and healing moments occuring is such a blessing for me. Their doing the art work openned up space for deep sharing.   I got so much support during my healing process, and it feels redemptive to give some back. ...more

My Art Retreat for Survivors of Sexual Abuse this Weekend

 I am full for my retreat this Saturday, but wanted to let you know what I do. This retreat is called "Finding the Holy/ Exploring our Spirituality through Art." It is for women survivors of sexual abuse and trauma in childhood and beyond. Many abuse survivors struggle with the idea of a loving God that failed to stop or intervene in their abuse. We explore those feelings and take steps to find our own spirituality in the face of our trauma....more


Could not breathe in your presence,Nor could I utter a sound.Wind stolen from my sailsTil helplessly run aground.Your energy engulfed me,Nothing to temper the heat,So I retreated to the safetyOf strange arms and cool feet....more

My Retreat and My Book is in Kindle Version

My book, Enfolded in Silence/A Story in Art of Healing from Sexual Trauma in Childhood,  is now available in Kindle form from Amazon for $9.99 or $2.99 if you have already ordered the paperback. ...more

March 16 Art Retreat for Women Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

                                                                                           NURTURING THE CHILD WITHIN            an day long art retreat for women survivors of childhood sexual abuse  ...more Dear Robin, Thanks for your kind response. I have been visiting my kids ...more

Tending to Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

 I am very settled back into life here. I am co-facilitating a weekly support group for women who have been sexually abused as children. March 16 I will offer a retreat for abuse survivors. More to come on that. This is redeeming work for me. It means that I can give back some of what I have been given in terms of healing. To decide to do the work of healing from childhood sexual abuse takes courage. I am in awe of these women as they persist in their healing work. Life is so sweet on the other side, but hell while you are in the trenches. I care about this issue very much....more
Hi Barbara, it is nice to read something from you again. You've been gone a while but have been ...more

Power of Moms retreats review and giveaway

Have you ever gone on a retreat? Maybe to learn about a certain topic or just hang out with other ladies and connect? Well, do you know Power of Moms has brought their retreats to the virtual world and you can go on one via your computer while the kiddos are in quiet time or sleeping for the night?! (and possibly win one right here!)...more

Balance-Schmalance: Just Take a Business Trip!

I’m always looking for a way to have a little time to myself. And one of the truly bizarre truths of being a working mom is that business trips = time to myself. I’ve been at the BlogHer offices in California all this week. First of all, it’s truly great to see co-workers who are mostly just voices on the telephone or words in my email. But second? I got up yesterday and the day before and this morning and exercised for 45 minutes!...more
There is NOTHING better than aloneness in a hotel. I watch the Today show while getting dressed ...more