A Cabin of One's Own

Have you noticed us getting up earlier and going to sleep sooner on our cams? That's (partly) because starting September 3rd I'm going to get up early to head over to the cabin we're (good news!) officially renting to do off-cam no-internet work sans distractions. Normally I quickly grow disgusted with a morning-person routine, but now it seems totally different knowing there's a purpose to it. It rained heavily on Thursday....more

Yoga and Introduction to Raw Food Retreat

Come and join us in the beautiful countryside of Granada, Spain from 21st - 27th May 2011 for a glorious week of blissful yoga and delicious vegan food.Relaxation, inspiration and motivation will all be the order of the day along with lots of fun, laughter and the chance to make new friends.This is a week of indulgence and dedicated 'you-time' and not to be missed.For more details see our website here....more

Virginia Scrapbooking Retreats

I blog about Scrapbooking Retreats in Virginia. Scrap the weekend away at a event in Fredericksburg, Williamsburg, Charlottesville, Richmond, Virginia Beach, Nags Head. Offering 3 days 2 night scrapbook events from Virginia and Nags Head.www.meetup.com/virginiascrapbookingretreats Mary  ...more

Celebrate YOU!

The media bombards us with images of women who are pencil thin, who look flawless 24 hours a day, and who manage all of their myriad responsibilities without ever breaking a sweat. We often fall into the trap of believing the hype and setting unrealistic expectations for ourselves. Added to that, on a daily basis we are asked to live up to the expectations of our spouses, our children, our extended families; sometimes even our friends and neighbors. ...more

Virtual Retreats - all the benefits without the hassle, travel or cost

Today in my Retreat Coach Training class we talked about virtual retreats.  You may ask, "What is a virtual retreat?"  And others may ask,  "What is a retreat?" ...more
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