Retrospect as Power-Tool!

I had a boss once who'd say, "I don't care what's on your resume. I don't care what you did before; I care what you can do right now." I saw his point when it came to certain b-schoolers on staff, but for my own purposes I thought of it more like, "Hey, sweet! Every day is a new opportunity to do something amazing! No baseline needed!" Yeah, I'm Pollyanna like that. ...more


Here it is, nearly fall again. School is starting, despite the 100° temps and the call of the lake. It’s also the part of the year when Beloit College publishes it’s annual Mindset List. You know, the one that helps people get a picture of the incoming freshman class. Sometimes the lists are funny, many times shocking and usually enlightening – this year’s list for the graduating class of 2014, not so much. However, that list and a post by Dan Overes on his blog DanOCan got me thinking about what might have been my mindset while starting I was a college freshman in 1980?  ...more