5 Tips for SAHMs Going Back To Work

Have you been thinking about returning to work after taking care of your children for some time? You are not alone...more

Getting the Most From Your Maternity Leave

Mindful mama Lori Mihalich Levin is the mother of 2 children and a regulatory lawyer in Washington, DC.  She is also guiding dozens of women as they navigate their way out of and back to work when their lives are transformed by motherhood.  We sat down recently to talk about the origins of her 4-week online course Mindful Return....more

Returnships: Great Opportunity or Cheap Labor?

A new trend is taking hold for people 40-plus returning to the workforce. It's called a returnship (a spin-off of the word internship, and trademarked by Goldman Sachs). ...more
How long did she do it as a volunteer? Surely not 6 months?more

But I have a college degree - a cautionary tale

Many years ago, I graduated high school and went (happily) away to college. I loved it. The freedom, the new friends, living on my own, making my own decisions, the parties, the social life.... I ended up in nursing school (LVN) and never completed my 4 year degree.Fast forward over a decade later and I'm a married mother of 3 little guys, unemployed after losing my corporate America job and wondering what I'm going to do with my life. I chose (with my husband's enduring support) to return to college to finally finish my degree and create a better life for us....more

Happy Post Labor Day Tuesday

Okay I know that other people have had the same feeling as me. Going back to work after 10 days of bliss forgetting about work. When other people take vacation or a long holiday weekend at the same time as me it seems that everyone slides back into work in a dream mode. What is really bad is when you're the only one who has taken vacation and you come back and people are beating down your door and looking wild in the eyes "We are sooooo glad you are back!!! We need your help. You are the only person who can solve this problem....more

TV Debut

Brenda Blackman, Host of My9 TV, conducted our interview with a perma-grin.  Either she was just happy to meet me or she was elated about the segment topic: "Moms Returning to Work."   ...more

Michelle Pfeiffer, Meg Ryan, Annette Bening, Calista Flockhart and Teri Hatcher are all "Back on the Career Track"

REPOSTED FROM OUR REGULARLY FEATURED BLOG ON YAHOO SHINE http://shine.yahoo.com/channel/money/michelle-pfeiffer-meg-ryan-annette-... calista-flockhart-and-teri-hatcher-are-all-quot-back-on-the-career-track-quot-265068/ by Carol Fishman Cohen With the tragic loss of jobs and money by so many in the last week, I had to distract myself by focusing on something totally unrelated to Wall Street: Hollywood . ...more