When families collide

I've got family on my mind.I live close to my Mother (you're welcome, Mom). But most of my extended family lives in an area of the country that requires a 9-hour car drive. (And, if you have ever been in the car for nine hours with a talkative child, you know that the full drive time feels closer to 30 hours.)...more

It's Been So Long Since Last We Met

If y’all don’t understand the title, it’s the first line of Georgetown’s fight song, which is the best fight song ever.  Seriously, it is.  One of my college housemates once went to some kind of Catholic Youth conference where everyone sang their school’s fight song, and everyone there agreed it was the best.  You can hear it here....more

NaBloPoMo Day 19: Measuring the Passage of Time

If you can measure friendships by how easily people take up where they left off after a long, long period, Gibson Greetings friendships are pretty impressive. Today, 10 compadres from the staff of the late Gibson Greetings got together to catch up....more

Old Growth: Towering Redwoods and the Family Tree

We depart sunny Miranda early on this July morning.  40 parents, grandparents, children, aunts uncles and cousins squeezing into a parade of wagons, hybrids and SUVs.  As we enter the Avenue, a canopy slowly beings to grow over us.  The sunlight dims and our car instantly becomes neighbors with the towering trees hugging the road.  Past Rockefeller Grove, the Foun...more
You're welcome! I enjoyed writing it!more

A Tiny Plane, A Sledgehammer and a Movie-Worthy Ending

It has been a while since I have flown about the Rockies, and in many ways I am relieved. ...more

Thanksgiving When All the Kids are Grown-Ups

Life is different when your kids are grown, especially around the holidays. One of my sons lives in London with his new wife, the other in San Francisco with his cool girlfriend. We hardly ever get to be all together, and when we do it’s not for long. This year, as is often the case, it’s going to be Thanksgiving. Although I learned long ago not to get really nuts about it, here’s the truth: When your kids grow up there’s not a lot you can do for them besides feed them and not pressure them to be around when they can’t. ...more

enjoyed your post on thanksgiving visits with your two grown sons. It's a reminder that we are ...more

Top Ten Family Reunion Songs

Memories from the Holocaust: Where Were You in the Camps?

 "Only one bathroom?" The woman behind me looked ahead, at the half-dozen other passengers waiting for the tiny toilet to be available. I smiled and nodded, raising my eyebrows in a what can you do? kind of way....more

I'm sitting her at 9am in L.A. and I'm just so blown away by this I can't move. My father ...more

The Wonders of Facebook

Do you FB? If you're in the loop, you know that means: Do you use Facebook? Recent Facebook statistics report that the popular social networking site has seen a phenomenal increase of older users. Generally we assume internet social media like Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and Twitter appeal to a very young techie audience. However, from January to July 2009, Facebook has seen a 513% growth of users age 55 and over. An increase of less than 5% was reported for users ages 18-25 for the same time period....more

Reunion Ruminations IV: The Men of Dartmouth

In his memoir-cum-novel, The Periodic Table, Primo Levi wrote this of his twenty-fifth college reunion: ...more