Carrying Our Own Containers: Powerful Action or Pointless Inconvenience?

“Do you ever get embarrassed?” A journalist following my plastic-free life put that question to me as I handed the butcher my stainless steel pot. I was buying ground meat for my homemade cat food. In my own container. Waste-free. “No,” I answered flippantly. “I haven’t been embarrassed about anything since I turned 40.” But the answer wasn’t quite that simple. I do realize that my actions can seem extreme to many… okay most… people. And it’s not always easy to buck the status quo. ...more

Hi Diana.  I love that you go back out to your car to get your bags when you forget ...more

BYO bag: Declutter your life from disposable bags

Don't tote a reusable tote yet? You're way behind the curve. Go beyond the paper-or-plastic nonsense and earn a nickel or dime back as "bag credit" when you shop at most grocery stores. To get inspired to reduce and reuse, check out what handy reusable bags green-thinking bloggers are toting eco-style: ...more

Hey Diana -- V. crafty of you to plan to make your own felted bags! About the produce bags: ...more

Take a vacation, but skip the waste!

For many of us, it's not hard to reduce waste at home. We've got our recycling systems in place, our reusable bags handy for shopping and we know what restaurants and stores are the most environmentally-friendly. Not so easy when traveling, right? And yet we don't have to drown in a sea of our own waste every time we leave the comfort of home. It just takes the desire to travel lightly on the planet and a little bit of planning ahead. ...more

I can't give up my corner Chinese take out, but I can give up the plastic bag (done) and even ...more

Diva or Psycho? What Your Reusable Bag Says About You

I'm NOT a Plastic Bag! I'm a Diva!You're a starlet-in-the-making and you can't deny it. With a Starbucks Grande Skinny Half-Caf Mocha Frappuccino in hand and bangle bracelets rattling up to your elbow, you like to make a bold statement at the grocery store. Look at me, world! I'm making a difference! I'm, like, hot.   ...more

BlogHer readers LOVE this brightly colored bag...